Can a 3 year old play golf?

What is the youngest age to play golf?

Kids can be exposed to the game of golf as early as 2 years old. Research shows those starting early are more likely to play golf as adults. Formal instruction is generally better from school age (5-6) when longer attention spans enable kids to better learn the rules and risks associated with golf.

What is a good age for kids to play golf?

According to, golf company The Littlest Golfer, believes kids as young as 18-months should be learning the game. The company developed golf clubs for kids 18-months to three-years old and markets them to parents.

Is golf good for toddlers?

Playing golf strengthens the spine and core muscles, and can encourage children to try other sports and activities too. The physical skills they learn in golf, such as hand-eye coordination, can carry over and help them succeed in other sports and develop lifelong healthy exercise habits.

How do I introduce my child to golf?

Get your kids to walk back six feet and, using a wedge (the club with the most angled head), get them to hit short, lofted shots — ‘chip’ shots — through the triangle. This teaches them to make the low, short-swing shots they need to put balls onto a green. It’s challenging, but fun, too!

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How do I get my toddler to play golf?

Here are the best things you can do to help your child fall in love with the game.

  1. Group instruction. It is so important for kids to be with other kids when learning golf. …
  2. Make it fun. …
  3. Have proper equipment. …
  4. Let it be their idea/Don’t push. …
  5. PGA Junior League. …
  6. Allow for athletic development. …
  7. For girls, make it social.

At what age did Tiger Woods start playing golf?

He grew up in Cypress, California. He took an interest in golf at age 6 months, watching as his father hit golf balls into a net and imitating his swing. He appeared on The Mike Douglas Show at age 2, putting with Bob Hope. He shot 48 for nine holes at age 3 and was featured in Golf Digest at age 5.

Does golf require hand eye coordination?

Hand-eye coordination in golf is not only not required, but is detrimental to good ball striking.

Why is Junior golf important?

By providing juniors with the required information they will know what to expect from the golf club and where they can receive support. By communicating this information, the golf club is less likely to experience a high turnover in junior members as they will be well educated and happy within the club.

Is it good to play golf?

Golf Keeps Your Weight Down: A round of golf walking burns 1500 calories and keeps your weight down. So no matter how badly you play you win! Golf Reduces Stress, (or so they say) and increases your mental capacity, creativity and problem solving ability, all of which are positives!

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