Does a golf ball have more than 400 dimples?

Does a golf ball have 336 dimples?

The dimples are usually the same size as one another, but some golf balls have several different sizes of dimple on the same ball. Any number between 300 and 500 dimples is reasonable, and 336 is a common number.

Which golf ball has 500 dimples?

The Ultra (Registered TradeMark) 500 Series golf ball (above), introduced in 1995 by Wilson Sporting Goods Company, Humboldt, Tennessee, has 500 dimples arranged in a pattern of 60 spherical triangles.

What is the maximum number of dimples on a golf ball?

Generally, the number is anywhere between 300 and 500 dimples. American golf balls, more often than not, come with 336 dimples. While how many dimples on a British golf ball, they have 330 dimples. As for the highest number of dimples, that would be Ultra 500 Series Golf Balls (500 dimples).

How many dimples does a Callaway supersoft golf ball have?

Golf Ball Dimples Chart

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Golf Ball Model Dimples
Callaway Speed Regime 3 332
Callaway Chrome Soft 332
Callaway Supersoft 332
Callaway Superhot 55 332

Why are golf ball dimples different sizes?

The dimples work to break the air around the ball in flight, and have two key characteristics that are measured: Lift and Drag. The ideal dimple design is a combination balancing the lift and drag of the ball. We vary the diameters, shapes, total coverage, edge angles to control these two key variables.

Do all golf balls have exactly 100 dimples?

The truth is, there is not a single answer to how many dimples are on a golf ball. That’s because the number of dimples varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Most often, the number of dimples per golf ball falls between 300 and 500.

Are more dimples on a golf ball better?

More dimples being on a golf ball are not necessarily better. The number of dimples that are on a golf ball is less important than the dimensions of the dimples themselves. Too many dimples mean more drag, and too few dimples mean an unpredictable flight trajectory.

How many dimples are on a Titleist Pro V1?

New Spherically-tiled Tetrahedral Dimple Designs– featuring a 388 dimple layout for Pro V1, and 348 for Pro V1x – are optimized to each model to maximize distance and flight consistency. Pro V1 maintains its penetrating trajectory while Pro V1x will fly higher than the prior generation.

How many dimples does a Pro VI golf ball have?

The new Pro V1 has 388 dimples, and the new Pro V1x has 348 (both in a tetrahedral pattern), marking the first time the dimple counts have changed since 2011. Dimple patterns, however, are far more than simply the number of them.

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Did golf balls always have dimples?

Over time, however, they began to notice that scuffed, scratched and dented gutta-perchas covered a greater distance than smooth ones. Like many inventions, the golf ball dimple was discovered accidentally. By 1930, the dimpled golf ball had become the standard in golfing.

Is Callaway Supersoft a 2 piece ball?

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball consisting of the inner core and the outer cover which is surlyn or as Callaway named it, Trionomer. Surlyn covers are much firmer and less ‘spinny’ than urethane and are supposed to be more durable.

What is the difference between Chrome soft vs Supersoft?

Chrome Soft is a premium, all-round golf ball intended for golfers that seek more control and spin around the green, while Supersoft is an oversized, distance golf ball designed for golfers who seek speed and distance.

How many dimples are on a TP5?

When it comes to our favoured TaylorMade TP5 golf ball here at GolfMagic, you will find 322 dimples. However, throw it over to another popular golf ball such as the Callaway Chrome Soft, and you get 332 dimples.