How do I know my golf glove size?

What size is 23 in golf gloves?

Sizing Chart

Size Men’s Regular Length Men’s Regular Circumference
Medium – Large 8 in / 20 cm 8 ¼ – 8 3/8
Large 8.3 in / 21 cm 8 3/8 – 8 ¾
Extra Large 8.7 in / 22 cm 8 ¾ – 9 ¼
XX-Large 9 in / 23 cm 9 ¼ – 9 ½

What size is a 7 glove?

Glove Sizing

Measurement around Palm (inches) Glove Size Geier Mitten Size
7 7
8 8 S

What size is medium large golf glove?

For men, a small glove will be a 7-inch measurement, medium 7.5 to 8 inches, large 8.5 to 9, extra-large 9.5 to 10, and xx-large 10.5 to 11 inches. Women’s gloves are measured differently, with sizes being equivalent to 6 inches for extra-small, small 6.5, medium 7, large 7.5, and extra-large 8 inches.

Is a size 8 gloves medium or large?

Is glove size the same as shoe size?

8 – 8.5 Small Small
9 – 9.5 Medium Medium
10 – 10.5 Large Large

What is glove size 8?

Size Charts

7.5 S
8 8 S
8.5 M
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How are palms measured?

length: measured from the tip of the longest finger to the crease under the palm. breadth: measured across the widest area where the fingers join the palm. circumference: measured around the palm of your dominant hand, just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb.

What is the difference between cadet and regular golf glove?

“Regular gloves are designed for golfers who have proportional hands, while cadet golf gloves are designed in men’s sizes for golfers who have relatively short fingers coupled with wide palms. When placed side-by-side with a regular golf glove, the cadet glove is wider and shorter.”

What hand do golfers wear a glove?

Right hand or left? However, you may be wondering why golfers only wear a glove on one hand. This is because a golf glove is usually worn on the weaker, or ‘lead’ hand, which the hand on the top of the grip. This means that if you are a right-handed player, you should be looking for a left-handed glove, and vice versa.

Should a golf glove be loose or tight?

Ideally, a golf glove should be like a second skin. That means nice and tight across the palm of your hand and through the fingers. No loose material.

Is golf glove too small?

When buying a golf glove, the fit you should be looking for is snug, with no space after the tips of your fingers, but not too tight. Overly tight golf gloves can restrict movement, or even cause fingers to go numb, reducing your feel on your clubs.

What happens if your golf glove is too big?

Upwards of 50% of golfers are estimated to be wearing the wrong glove size. Most are wearing a glove that is too big. Your glove is the closest point of contact with your club; it should fit like a second skin. Any movement between hand and glove could compromise your swing.

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