How much is a round of golf at La Quinta?

How much does it cost to play golf at La Quinta?

Built in the late ’60s and early ’70s and former host of the Houston Open in 1973 & 1974, the La Quinta golf course at Quail Valley is a classic, tree-lined golf course.


WEEKDAY (Mon-Thurs) Walking With Cart
Morning $46.00 $64.00
Mid-Day (after 10am) $39.00 $57.00
Twilight (after 12pm) $31.00 $49.00

How much does it cost to do a round of golf?

According to research from the National Golf Foundation, the average cost to play a round of golf in the United States in 2020 is $61. The average cost to play nine holes in the United States is $33.

How much is a round of golf at Pine Valley?

Golf Rates

Walking: Weekday Weekend
Adult 18 Holes $30.00 $35.00
Adult 9 Holes $25.00 $28.00
Senior 18 Holes $26.00 $31.00
Senior 9 Holes $20.00 $25.00
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How many courses are at La Quinta Country Club?

Stay and Play

Play one round of golf per night of stay at 1 of our 5 championship courses.

How much does it cost to play PGA WEST?

From January 1 to April 30, the same guest may play any of the Private Courses up to 3 times within a calendar month and no more than 6 times per year.

Guest Play Policies and Rates.

GUEST RATES October 1 – Dec. 25 Dec. 26 – April. 30
Member Guest/Sport Members $85 $115
Member Guest/Sport Twilight* $45 $65
Premier Family $65 $85

Which PGA WEST course is the easiest?

A list of all 49 courses used by the PGA Tour in 2018-19 – compiled from ShotLink data and released by GolfWeek – shows that two easiest courses played on tour last season were La Quinta Country Club and the Jack Nicklaus Course at PGA West. Both of which are part of the three-course rotation of the desert’s PGA event.

How long does it take to finish 18 holes of golf?


A normal golf hole will take a group of four amateur golfers around 15 minutes to complete. This equates to an 18-hole round of golf taking anywhere from 4 to 4.5 hours.

Is playing golf expensive?

It’s is no secret that golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world to get involved in. You need to buy clubs, shoes, balls, carts and and bags and that is before you even get to the course and pay your green fees.

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How much is a round of golf at Pebble Beach?

The minimum cost to play a round at Pebble Beach is $575. However, this fee is only for guests at the resort. If you wish to play as a non-guest, the cost is between $575 and $595 with an additional $45 cart fee.

How much is a round at Augusta?

A badge that allows you to see four competitive rounds will cost you $200—$50 per round. In contrast, Sunday’s badge for the U.S. Open last year was more than twice that. Of course, the stories are legend about how long it takes to get a Masters pass—years. Families will them down to generation after generation.

How much is it to play at Augusta?

Still, the membership fee is thought to be around $40,000, which is not that expensive compared to many other exclusive golf clubs. In addition, you can expect to pay around $4,000 in annual dues.

How much is a membership at Pine Valley?

Some golf industry analysts estimate the annual fee for membership at Pine Valley to be more than $10,000. It may be much more. It’s estimated that Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, where the prestigious annual Masters Tournament is played, charges between $10,000 to $50,000 in fees.

What is LQ in golf?

La Quinta (LQ) CC is a par 70, measuring 7,060 yards and The Nicklaus Tournament (NT) Course is a par 72, measuring 7,147 yards.

Which PGA WEST course is public?

Pete Dye Mountain Course at PGA WEST—La Quinta

Resting at the feet of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the Pete Dye Mountain Course is one of the most visually stunning courses in the California desert.

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How many courses does PGA WEST have?

PGA WEST features nine courses designed by the legends of golf – Arnold Palmer, Tom Weiskopf, Pete Dye, Greg Norman, and Jack Nicklaus.