How rare is a double eagle in golf?

How many people have made a double eagle?

How many double eagles have been scored during tournament play? There have been 872 since Tom Morris, Jr. scored his at the Open in 1870. There have been 437 scored by amateurs and 435 scored by professionals.

What is the rarest shot in golf?

Scoring a condor represents one of the rarest of events in golf. Scoring a condor is the rarest event in golf. This is normally a hole in one at a par five (a two at a par six would also count, but this has never been done).

Is Double eagle good in golf?

Double eagles are not common at all—they are rare, even among the best golfers in the world. Double eagles are much rarer than holes-in-one. Why? Because making a double eagle usually requires holing a longer shot—a tee shot on a par-4 or a fairway wood or long iron approach on a par-5, for example.

How many double eagles are on the PGA Tour?


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Most sports writers quote the odds to be 1,000,000/1 or 6,000,000/1. Please advice”. Looking at professional data, there are very few double eagles. According to the PGA Tour there have been 32 double eagles (so roughly 3 per year on average) in the last 10 years.

Who has hit a double eagle in golf?

The most famous double eagle was by Gene Sarazen in the 1935 Masters. In the final round, Craig Wood was finishing his round and had a three-stroke lead over Sarazen, who was in the 15th fairway. Sarazen holed out his 4-wood from 235 yards for a two.

Is a double eagle rare than a hole-in-one?

Scoring an albatross is one of golf’s rarest achievements

Very, very difficult — a double eagle is much rarer than the hole-in-one. To score an albatross, a golfer has to hole out in two strokes (record a score of two) on a par-5 hole, or make a hole-in-one (a score of one) on a par-4 hole.

What is a ostrich in golf?

The term “ostrich” is used to describe the completion of a hole using five fewer strokes than the par. Each hole is assigned a number of strokes that are considered to be par, otherwise known as average for the course.

How rare is an eagle on a par 4?

That would have to be a really short and really easy par 4 to get anywhere close to that. Assuming it’s a normal “short” par 4 which is typically right around 300 yards, I’d say eagle odds are more like 1 in 50 in a group of scratch players.

What is a turkey in golf?

Three consecutive birdies during one round of golf.

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How much is a double eagle coin worth?

The American Double Eagle has a face value of $20 and was minted 1849-1933. It is 0.9675 troy-ounce of fine gold. The coin will be from a random year of our choosing will be in fair to good condition.

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Does a double eagle exist?

The Double Eagle coin was the last gold currency struck in the United States, reports Reuters. The newly sold specimen’s value stems from its status as the only legally privately owned 1933 Double Eagle known to survive today.

What’s better than a double eagle?

An eagle is 2-under par on a hole. A double bogey is 2-over par on a hole. A double eagle (very rare) is 3-under par (also called an “albatross”). A triple bogey is 3-over par.

Has anyone ever made a condor in golf?

The most recent recorded condor was achieved on December 20, 2020 by Kevin Pon at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, CA on the 667 yard par-6 18th hole. This is the only recorded condor to have happened on a par-6. A condor is so uncommon in golf that bookmakers don’t even offer odds on such a feat.

Does Tiger Woods have a double eagle?

Such is the case for Tiger Woods, who is without a double eagle in competition. Although Tiger has never recorded an albatross on TOUR, his closest call came in 2015 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which was won by Brooks Koepka.

What is an albatross in golf?

Albatross: This term means three under par, but the “double eagle” synonym is simply a continuation of the aviary theme of good scores. The albatross is rare, as is a three under par.

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