Is Troubadour Golf Club public?

Who owns the Golf Club of Tennessee?

The Golf Club of Tennessee is a private golf complex located near Nashville in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. It is an 18-hole Tom Fazio course on 317 acres (218 hectares). It was formed in 1988 by billionaire businessman Bronson Ingram along with Toby S.

Who designed troubadour golf?

Troubadour Golf & Field Club, a Discovery Land Company community, is pleased to announce the opening of its 18-hole Tom Fazio-designed golf course this fall.

When did troubadour Golf Open?

Designed by Von Hagge, Smelek & Baril/Tom Fazio (R), the Troubadour golf course opened in 2019. Discovery Land Company manages this facility, with Ryan Newton as the General Manager.

Who owns Discovery Land Company?

Michael S. Meldman (born30 December 1958) is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Discovery Land Company and one of the three founders of Casamigos tequila with George Clooney and Rande Gerber.

What does troubadour mean in English?

Definition of troubadour

1 : one of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century chiefly in the south of France and the north of Italy and whose major theme was courtly love — compare trouvère. 2 : a singer especially of folk songs.

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Who is JJ dudum?

Jack Dudum Jr., known as J.J. by friends and colleagues, is a Principal at Discovery Land Company, a premier private residential resort development company with more than two dozen project across seven countries, including the United States, and two continents. Born in San Francisco, California, J.J.

How much is Discovery Land Company Worth?

Those paternal instincts have made him a rich man. More than 20 years later Meldman—when he founded his company he had never belonged to a country club and didn’t play golf—oversees a portfolio of 19 members-only Discovery Land resort clubs with annual sales of around $2 billion.

Who owns Gozzer ranch in Idaho?

Discovery Land Company – Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club.