Quick Answer: Can you add a back seat to a Yamaha golf cart?

Can you add a seat to the back of a golf cart?

Therefore, one of the most popular alterations people make to the original equipment on a golf cart is the addition of a rear seat. It’s pretty simple to make this modification to your own golf cart when you buy a DIY rear seat kit.

Can you put a back seat on a two seater golf cart?

The most popular back seats we sell are rear flip flop seat kits that allows not only room for two more passengers but also folds over to make a cargo area to haul coolers, tools, equipment, and anything else. This flat but sturdy surface makes it easy to use your golf cart for work or play.

What year is a Yamaha G14 golf cart?

G-Series (1979 – 2002)

G1 – Electric Models
Serial Number Year
G14 – Gas Models
Serial Number Year
JN3-200101 1996
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How do you put a carseat in a golf cart?

You’re looking for a car seat that can accommodate a belt strap (ideally through the frame in the back, in one side and out the other), AND a tether strap hooked to the back of the seat, which allows you to effectively strap the bottom of their seat to the bottom of your golf cart seat, then using the tether, strap the …

How much does it cost to lift a golf cart?

A lift kit for a golf cart is usually priced around $250. If you need to hire someone to lift your cart, on average, this will cost you about $75.00 per hour. Lifting a golf cart is a job that will take a few hours.

What is Yamaha G29?

In 2007 Yamaha introduced the Yamaha ‘Drive’ or G29 golf cart which was in production through 2016. The body was still rounded and had the tuning fork logo but the cuves and lines changed as did the seats cupholder and top. The G29A was gas and G29E was electric.

How do I find out what year my Yamaha Golf Cart is?

If you are trying to determine the year of your Yamaha golf cart, you will first need to find the golf cart’s identification plate or sticker or have the vehicle’s serial number and date code. Usually found under the seat, under the driver side glove box area or on the chassis towards the rear of the golf cart.

What model is a 2010 Yamaha Golf Cart?

Yamaha Electric & Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Serial Numbers:

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Yamaha DRIVE / G29
Yamaha began production of the Drive (G29) model in 2007 and continues to make the “Yamaha Drive” today.
JW2-300101 YDREH 2010
JW2-200101 YDREG 2009
JW2-100101 YDREF 2008

How much is a 2 seater golf cart?

The average 2 seater costs between $7,000 and $8,000. 4 seaters are going to be between $8,000 and $10,000, and 6 seaters run around $10,000 and $13,000.

How long is a golf cart with rear seat?

The average length of a two-passenger golf cart is around 8 feet or 96 inches. There are also longer golf carts on the market which have multiple rows of seating or contain room for cargo and equipment.

How long is a 2 seater golf cart?

The average golf cart dimensions are around 92 x 48 x 75 inches for a standard 2 seat golf cart. The dimensions of different types of carts will vary the most in length due to the number of seats a golf cart can have. More seats added to a cart will add to its length but usually minimal amounts to the width and height.

What engine is in a Yamaha golf cart?

A Yamaha golf cart engine is typically a four-stroke gasoline engine with a single cylinder. This is deemed to be suitable when comparing the power and performance of the engine to the golf cart’s weight (the official weight of the cart is 255 kg or 562 lbs.).

Are all Yamaha golf cart keys the same?

Most Yamaha golf cart keys are universal for gas and electric models. Most of our Yamaha golf cart key switches include the OEM key. A lot of our other keys come in packages of 25 and cannot be broken up.

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How wide is a 2000 Yamaha Golf Cart?

The standard golf cart is about 4 feet wide by about 8 feet long and usually is about 6 feet high. Secondly, how do I identify my Yamaha Golf Cart?

How wide is a Yamaha golf cart?

LxWxH 108 x 48 3/4 x 71 inches 108 x 48 3/4 x 71 inches
Wheelbase 65 1/2 inches 65 1/2 inches
Ground Clearance 4 1/2 inches 4 1/2 inches