What are golf course areas called?

What is the name of the area of a golf course which contains the hole?

The Teeing Area

Every hole on a golf course has a starting point. The teeing area is that starting point. The teeing area, as the name implies, is the one place on a golf course where you are allowed to “tee up” your ball — to place the golf ball on top of a tee, lifting it off the ground.

What are the 5 areas of the golf course?

There are five areas of the courseAreas of the Course: The five defined areas that make up the course: (1) the general area, (2) the teeing area you must play from in starting the hole you are playing, (3) all penalty areas, (4) all bunkers, and (5) the putting green of the hole you are playing..

What is the area around the green called in golf?

Golf courses have two types of hazards: bunkers and water. Bunkers are holes in the ground filled with sand that typically line the fairway or surround the putting green.

What does general area mean in golf?

Most of your shots during a round will be made from the fairway or rough, which are part of an area of the golf course called the “general area.” This area includes everywhere on the course except bunkers, penalty areas, and the teeing area and putting green of the hole you are playing.

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What is the water on golf courses called?

Water hazard

Water hazards, like bunkers, are natural obstacles designed to add both beauty and difficulty to a golf course. Water hazards are typically either streams or ponds, situated between the teeing ground and the hole.

What is a golf stroke called?

Golf Scoring Terms Explained. Stroke – In golf, a “Stroke” is any forward club swing, including when putting, that a golfer is trying to hit the ball. You can essentially use “Stroke” as a synonym for a shot/putt, but keep in mind that it also includes “whiffs” if you miss the ball when trying to hit it.

Are golf courses called greens?

The term was changed to golf course superintendent in the United States several decades ago. In most cases of using the word green in golf terminology, the use should be singular. Green fee, greenkeeper, green committee, and USGA Green Section are all correct uses.

How many defined areas are in a golf course?

There are five defined areas of the course, and. There are several types of defined objects and conditions that can interfere with play.