What does CAD mean in golf gloves?

What does CAD stand for golf?

What Does the ‘Cadet’ Mean in Cadet Golf Gloves? Cadet golf gloves are commonly believed to be made for children, but that’s not what the term means. ‘Cadet’ refers to the finger length and width of the glove and is usually the best option for shorter, wider fingers.

What’s the difference between CAD and regular golf gloves?

Generally speaking, cadet golf gloves have fingers which are approximately 1 inch shorter than regular golf gloves. Cadet gloves fit best for golfers whose hands aren’t quite proportional to the length of their fingers. The second difference is cadet gloves typically have a wider palm area than a regular glove.

Do I need a cadet golf glove?

If your Finger Length number is LESS than your Palm Width number, try a Cadet glove in your size. If your Finger Length and Palm Width number differ by more than 2 than you will want to try on several sizes to determine the best compromise.

What is cadet sizing for golf gloves?

Cadet size gloves have slightly shorter finger lengths and a wider palm and back of the hand relative to “regular” size gloves.

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What is a cadet glove mean?

To give you context — a cadet golf glove is one size larger than the corresponding regular construction. For example, a small cadet features the same palm width as a standard medium glove, except the former contains shorter fingers.

What is a cadet left glove?

“Regular gloves are designed for golfers who have proportional hands, while cadet golf gloves are designed in men’s sizes for golfers who have relatively short fingers coupled with wide palms. When placed side-by-side with a regular golf glove, the cadet glove is wider and shorter.”

Is cadet large bigger than large?

So as you can see the finger length is about ⅜” shorter on a cadet glove, and the circumference is about ⅛” to ⅜” wider. This is a good general guideline to follow.

Titleist Perma Soft Medium/Large Size Chart.

Finger Length Hand Circumference
Cadet Medium/Large 7″ – 7 1/8″ 8 3/8″ – 8 3/4″

Which hand do you wear your golf glove on?

This is because a golf glove is usually worn on the weaker, or ‘lead’ hand, which the hand on the top of the grip. This means that if you are a right-handed player, you should be looking for a left-handed glove, and vice versa.

What does hand size cadet mean?

If your fingers are a little short for your hand size, you should order a CADET size. (Cadet sizes are not available in ladies’ gloves.) The outline of the hand shown is a Men’s Medium. Dotted lines show Cadet Medium. Cadet sizes are the same as Men’s across the palm, but are 1/4” shorter in the fingers.

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Should a golf glove be tight?

Ideally, a golf glove should be like a second skin. That means nice and tight across the palm of your hand and through the fingers. No loose material.

How do I know my golf grip size?

To determine the proper grip size for your hand, you must measure your hand. Take your left hand and measure from the tip of your middle finger down to the base of your palm. Make sure that you include the entire hand and stop your measurement right at the wrist.

What size is cadet medium large?

Small – Length: 6 7/8″ – 7 1/8″, Circumference: 7 3/4″ – 8″ Medium – Length: 7 1/8″ – 7 3/8″, Circumference: 8″ – 8 1/4″ Medium Large (M/L) – Length: 7 3/8″ – 7 1/2″, Circumference: 8 1/4″ – 8 3/8.

What is a medium glove size?

FAQ: How do I know what size gloves to order? Can I measure?

Actual Hand Measurement Alpha Glove Size
6.5”-7.5” Small
7.5”-8.5” Medium
8.5”-9.5” Large
9.5”-10.5” XL