What is cadet sizing in golf gloves?

What does cadet glove size mean?

It is estimated that more than 20% of golfers require a cadet sized glove – but most have never been introduced to the term. Cadet size gloves have slightly shorter finger lengths and a wider palm and back of the hand relative to “regular” size gloves.

What is the difference between cadet and regular size golf gloves?

Generally speaking, cadet golf gloves have fingers which are approximately 1 inch shorter than regular golf gloves. Cadet gloves fit best for golfers whose hands aren’t quite proportional to the length of their fingers. The second difference is cadet gloves typically have a wider palm area than a regular glove.

What does cadet hand size mean?

If your fingers are a little short for your hand size, you should order a CADET size. (Cadet sizes are not available in ladies’ gloves.) The outline of the hand shown is a Men’s Medium. Dotted lines show Cadet Medium. Cadet sizes are the same as Men’s across the palm, but are 1/4” shorter in the fingers.

What does cadet large mean in golf gloves?

What Is Cadet Large? A cadet large golf glove is essentially working the same way as any other cadet size gloves. They have shorter fingers and wider palms. Like above we’ll show an example of a size comparison with a regular large glove vs a cadet large glove.

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How do I know my golf glove size?

Golf gloves are designed to fit like a second skin, tightly around your hand and fingers. To determine your golf glove size, measure the circumference of your glove hand around the knuckles. If you’re right-handed, measure your left hand. If you’re left-handed, measure your right hand.

What size is cadet small?

Small – Length: 6 7/8″ – 7 1/8″, Circumference: 7 3/4″ – 8″ Medium – Length: 7 1/8″ – 7 3/8″, Circumference: 8″ – 8 1/4″ Medium Large (M/L) – Length: 7 3/8″ – 7 1/2″, Circumference: 8 1/4″ – 8 3/8.

What is cadet large?

Regular gloves are designed for golfers who have proportional hands, while cadet golf gloves are designed in men’s sizes for golfers who have relatively short fingers coupled with wide palms. When placed side-by-side with a regular golf glove, the cadet glove is wider and shorter.

What size is a cadet medium golf glove?

FootJoy’s golf size chart shows that a regular medium glove fits those with a middle finger length of 4 to 5-inches and a palm width of 2 to 7 inches. Conversely, a cadet medium suits those with a middle finger length of 3 to 4-inches, along with a 5 to 6-inch palm width.

How are golf gloves supposed to fit?

A proper fitting golf glove should fit like a second skin, tight across the palm and fingers, with no loose material. You should not have extra material at the top of your fingers, if you do, you may want to size down or try a Cadet glove in your size.

What size is 23 in golf gloves?

Sizing Chart

Size Men’s Regular Length Men’s Regular Circumference
Medium – Large 8 in / 20 cm 8 ¼ – 8 3/8
Large 8.3 in / 21 cm 8 3/8 – 8 ¾
Extra Large 8.7 in / 22 cm 8 ¾ – 9 ¼
XX-Large 9 in / 23 cm 9 ¼ – 9 ½
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What is golf cadet?

‘Cadet’ refers to the finger length and width of the glove and is usually the best option for shorter, wider fingers. Men, women, and children alike use cadet golf gloves based on their unique hand shape because the gloves offer more comfort and control compared to regular gloves.

Do I need a cadet golf glove?

If your Finger Length number is LESS than your Palm Width number, try a Cadet glove in your size. If your Finger Length and Palm Width number differ by more than 2 than you will want to try on several sizes to determine the best compromise.