What model is a 2014 Yamaha Golf Cart?

What year is a G14 Yamaha Golf Cart?

G-Series (1979 – 2002)

G1 – Electric Models
Serial Number Year
G14 – Gas Models
Serial Number Year
JN3-200101 1996

How do I know what model Yamaha Golf Cart I have?

To find out the model and year of your Yamaha Golf Cart the first thing you will need is to find your cart’s SERIAL NUMBER.

  1. Under the seat where the floor board meets the motor compartment.
  2. Under the rear bumper on the frame.
  3. Under driver side glove box.

What year is a G29 Yamaha Golf Cart?

In 2007 Yamaha introduced the Yamaha ‘Drive’ or G29 golf cart which was in production through 2016. The body was still rounded and had the tuning fork logo but the cuves and lines changed as did the seats cupholder and top. The G29A was gas and G29E was electric.

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What are the different models of Yamaha golf carts?

Yamaha has introduced three series of golf carts onto the market – the G Series, the Drive Series, and the Adventure Series. Most Yamaha golf cart series include both gas and electric models.

What model is a 2013 Yamaha Golf Cart?

If your serial number begins with “JW9-3” then you have a 2013 Yamaha DRIVE. If your serial number begins with “J51-2” then you have a 1992 Yamaha G5EH (Sun Classic).

What model is a 2016 Yamaha gas golf cart?

brand new wheels 2016 Yamaha G29 Gas Golf Cart for sale.

What year is my Yamaha golf cart by serial number?

If you are trying to determine the year of your Yamaha golf cart, you will first need to find the golf cart’s identification plate or sticker or have the vehicle’s serial number and date code. Usually found under the seat, under the driver side glove box area or on the chassis towards the rear of the golf cart.

Where is the serial number on a 2015 Yamaha golf cart?

However, most serial numbers are located under the rear bumper on the frame of the vehicle, underneath of the seat near the floorboard and the motor compartment, or under the driver side glove box.

How many cc is a Yamaha golf cart?

At 357cc and 11.4 horsepower, it is Yamaha’s most fuel-efficient carburetor engine.

What engine is in a Yamaha golf cart?

A Yamaha golf cart engine is typically a four-stroke gasoline engine with a single cylinder. This is deemed to be suitable when comparing the power and performance of the engine to the golf cart’s weight (the official weight of the cart is 255 kg or 562 lbs.).

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How fast does a Yamaha gas golf cart go?

Although, new gasoline and electric golf cart versions of Yamaha all have the same top speed. The top speed of both versions of Yamaha golf carts is 19 mph (31 kph).

Are all Yamaha golf cart keys the same?

Most Yamaha golf cart keys are universal for gas and electric models. Most of our Yamaha golf cart key switches include the OEM key. A lot of our other keys come in packages of 25 and cannot be broken up.

Do Yamaha golf carts come with lithium batteries?

EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha now all offer their carts straight from the factory with Lithium Ion batteries.

Where are Yamaha golf carts made?

Yamaha Motor Corporation manufactures some of the best gas and electric golf and utility vehicles available. All Yamaha vehicles are manufactured in Newnan, Georgia, USA.