Who has the most beautiful golf swing?

Who has the most perfect golf swing?

1. Anne Van Dam: You probably didn’t see this coming, but maybe you should have. There’s an argument to be made that Van Dam currently has the best golf swing in the world. Put it on repeat.

Who has the nicest swing on the PGA Tour?

In Sports Illustrated’s recent anonymous survey of tour pros (h/t Golf.com), 31 percent of PGA Tour professionals said Adam Scott has the prettiest swing on tour.

Who has the smoothest swing in golf?

Steve Elkington may have the most mechanically sound swing ever in PGA history. With 10 PGA Tour victories, including a PGA Championship victory in 1995, Elkington has the hardware to back up the swing. Because of his seemingly effortless textbook swing, Steve also has one of the prettiest to watch.

Who has the sweetest swing in golf?

9 of the sweetest swings in golf

  • Fred Couples. GolfDay. 3.81K subscribers. …
  • Ernie Els. Golf Monthly. 120K subscribers. …
  • Louis Oosthuizen. Golf Smart Academy. 18.6K subscribers. …
  • Adam Scott. Team GolfLoopy. 522 subscribers. …
  • Lydia Ko. GolfswingHD. 42.1K subscribers. …
  • Sam Snead. golfteacher73. 329 subscribers. …
  • Ben Hogan. Break80 Golf.
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Who has the simplest swing on tour?

J.B. Holmes has one of the shortest swings on tour, but has regularly been one of the longest hitters. The key is not as much in the length of the swing, but rather the proper sequencing of his body as he turns through the golf ball.

Why is Jon Rahm swing so good?

Jon Rahm’s swing has a unique stamp as well. Although his burly frame and wide hips suggest he’d benefit from a fully rotated backswing for maximal kinetic force, Rahm starts into his downswing seemingly before his backswing even has a chance to gather any serious momentum.

Does Dustin Johnson have a good swing?

“He’s just like a coil, getting ready to unleash.” Similar to many average golfers, Leadbetter points out that Johnson has a closed clubface at the top of his swing.

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

The average distance golfers hit each club varies widely. A PGA Tour player hits a 7-iron between 172-215 yards.

Average Distances for PGA Tour Players.

Club Average Distance
7 Iron 172 – 215 yds
8 Iron 160 – 200 yds
9 Iron 148 – 185 yds
Pitching Wedge 136 – 170 yds