You asked: What is the length of a golf cart?

How long is a golf cart?

The average golf cart is typically about four feet wide by 8 feet long and 6 feet high.

How long is EZ Go golf cart?


Overall Length 93.0 in (236 cm)
Overall Width 47.0 in (119 cm)
Overall Height (no canopy) 46.5 in (118 cm) (top of steering wheel)
Overall Height (with canopy) 67.5 in (171 cm) (top of sun canopy)

How long is a golf cart with back seat?

The average length of a two-passenger golf cart is around 8 feet or 96 inches. There are also longer golf carts on the market which have multiple rows of seating or contain room for cargo and equipment.

How long is a 4 seat golf cart?

In general, the average 4 seater golf cart is about 5.5 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 4 feet wide.

How long is a 6 person golf cart?


Gas 72V Electric
Overall Length 144 in (364 cm) 144 in (364 cm)
Overall Width 49 in (125 cm) 49 in (125 cm)
Overall Height (w/o roof) 55.5 in (141 cm) 55.5 in (141 cm)
Overall Height (w/ roof) 83 in (211 cm) 83 in (211 cm)
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Will a golf cart fit a 5X8 trailer?

Most standard golf carts will fit a 5X10 trailer with plenty of space and without effort to load/unload the cart. If your golf cart is a bit smaller, then a standard 5X8 trailer will be sufficient.

What is the length of a 4 seater ezgo golf cart?


ELiTE Lithium 72V Electric
Overall Length 115 in (292 cm)
Overall Width 49.5 in (124 cm) 49.5 in (124 cm)
Overall Height (w/o roof) 52 in (132 cm) 54.6 in (139 cm)
Overall Height (w/ roof) 82 in (208 cm) 74.4 in (189 cm)

How tall is a golf cart with canopy?

The average dimensions for a golf cart are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 5.5 feet high. These dimensions are common to smaller golf carts that are commonly found for sale. For a larger golf cart that seats up to six people, the dimensions rise to 4 feet wide by 11.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet tall.

Will a golf cart fit in a 6 foot bed?

When it comes to transporting a golf cart, the question of whether it will fit in the bed of a truck is daunting, but the short answer is yes. Before you plan on transporting your cart, know that the only truck option you can use for transporting a golf cart is a full-size pickup and not frontiers, rangers, or Tacomas.

How tall is a Club car golf cart?

The average height is 69 inches, with 47.25 inches wide and 91.5 inches in weight. Ground clearance is 4.5 inches on both models.

Will a golf cart fit in the bed of a truck?

A full size pickup – (not the Rangers, Frontiers, Tacomas) has a bed that is 4 foot wide between the tire wells, so the golf car will fit nicely. If the pickup is a standard bed, then you will need to leave the tailgate down and secure the cart solidly with heavy duty hauling straps.

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What are the dimensions of a golf cart garage?

Golf Cart Garage Door Size

Golf cart garage doors are most often one of four sizes: 5 by 7 feet, 6 by 7 feet, 5 by 8 feet, and 6 by 8 feet.

Will a golf cart fit in the bed of a f150?

The beds on the majority of full-size pickup trucks have a width of 4-feet between the tire wells. As a result, a standard size golf cart should theoretically fit onto the back of your pickup.

How long and wide is a golf cart?

Standard Golf Cart Width

Standard golf carts are generally about four feet wide and eight feet long. You can expect most golf carts with standard equipment to measure about six feet in height and weigh 1,000 pounds.

How much is a 2 seater golf cart?

The average 2 seater costs between $7,000 and $8,000. 4 seaters are going to be between $8,000 and $10,000, and 6 seaters run around $10,000 and $13,000.