Your question: How many mpg does a Golf R do?

Is a Golf R good on fuel?

Considering the supercar levels of performance, fuel economy isn’t bad at all. Under the most recent WLTP test procedure, the DSG auto version of the Golf R has claimed economy of up to 32.8mpg, which is a figure you can expect to achieve in real life if you’re easy with the loud pedal.

How many miles do you get in a Golf R?

As for fuel economy, the Golf R is one of those cars that will return whatever you want it to return. Our test car recorded a touring figure of 43.9mpg, for an outright range. of almost 500 miles.

What’s Better Golf R or GTI?

Our pick: VW Golf R

It may be a little more expensive than the GTI, but the Golf R is substantially faster, even better to drive and no less usable every day. Given its lofty reputation, the R is likely to hold more of its value over the coming years as well.

What fuel is best for Golf R?

For most petrol vehicles, standard unleaded (95RON) is fine, however for the GTI and R models we recommend super-unleaded (98RON). For diesel models, we recommend the use of diesel fuel containing up to 7% Biodiesel.

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Is Golf R cheap to maintain?

As hot hatches go, insurance groupings have been kept low for the Golf R and it sits in group 39. Servicing costs are moderate next to some high-performance cars, but perhaps more than you’d pay for the average Ford or Vauxhall.

Are Golf R expensive to run?

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

The Golf R costs roughly the same to buy as an Audi S3 or BMW M135i, and this might lead you to raise an eyebrow. After all, each of those rivals wear a premium badge, and it’s usually the case that an equivalent Volkswagen costs less.

Is the Golf R reliable?

The hot Golf R should be as reliable as any other Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has earned a solid reputation for reliability over the past three decades, and the R is likely to live up to this. While it has been developed with performance in mind, it uses proven components, so parts should be more durable.

Is the Golf R AWD?

The R evolved more, its AWD system no longer sporting a Haldex center differential in favor of a torque-vectoring rear diff. Both are powered by the familiar EA888 2.0-liter turbo-four, a smooth firecracker of an engine that makes a bit more power than before; it drew nearly unanimous applause from our judges.

Will there be a 2023 Golf R?

The New 2023 Volkswagen Golf R offers new performance, technology and design for 2023. Not only that, the Golf R 2023 will also be equipped with a new exciting AWD engine and very impressive power specifications.

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Which is faster Golf R or S3?

That’s actually a little less than the Golf R’s 315 hp, but Audi says the S3 will be slightly quicker in a drag race — the S3 is estimated to hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds, compared to the Golf R’s 4.7 seconds.

Is there a 2022 golf?

After being on hiatus since the 2019 model year, the Golf R returns for 2022. Its resurrection follows the release of the eighth-generation Golf GTI.

Does Golf R need premium gas?

In simplest terms, no. Volkswagen vehicles do not require premium gas.

Does Golf R need super unleaded?

Re: Leaded and super unleaded mpg

As advised by VW, the GTI and R both run best on 98+, which means they are mapped specifically for higher octane fuels. You can put normal 95 in but you’ll get less MPG and less than optimal performance.

Does E10 fuel damage engines?

Unlike putting petrol into a diesel engine, you shouldn’t need to drain the tank. On a one-time basis, your vehicle will not suffer engine damage as a result. Prolonged use of E10 petrol in a non-compatible vehicle, however, may cause harm and is not recommended.