Are VW Golfs fun to drive?

What type of person drives a VW Golf?

VW drivers are…

VW drivers are disproportionately likely to be male, aged between 40 and 59, and live in Wales. Their political views are typically slightly right wing, and they’re most likely to work in business, construction or finance.

Are golfs easy to drive?

Ideally, a learner vehicle needs to be safe and easy to drive. The Volkswagen Golf ticks all these boxes; it’s nimble, smooth and has an excellent safety rating, making it an ideal choice for learner drivers.

Are Volkswagens golfs good cars?

Is the Volkswagen Golf a Good Car? Yes, the Volkswagen Golf is a good compact car. It offers an enjoyable interior, with comfortable front seats, a roomy second row, and impressive cabin materials. … The Golf handles with enthusiasm and returns great fuel economy when equipped with its standard manual transmission.

What is so good about a VW Golf?

The VW Golf is designed to provide a fun drive, and the 8-speed automatic transmission offers smooth gear changes. The Triptonic driving mode will give you more control, but the sport mode enhances the fun. Drivers love the responsive steering and the way the VW Golf corners on it’s 16” wheels for an enjoyable drive.

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What does driving a VW Golf say about you?

Volkswagen. You’re a wholesome, decent person with a quiet confidence about you. But people sometimes find you a little odd before they get to know you, and your tendency to speak your mind when they do can leave them thinking you tactless.

What makes VW unique?

Design: VW’s simplistic and conservative design is what that makes these cars a glory. The biggest advantage the Volkswagen cars have is though they come with the novel technology and innovation they still have the eye-catchy design and build that give comfortable ride and safety.

Are golfs comfortable?

It has three main settings: Comfort, Normal and Sport. In Comfort, the Volkswagen Golf is one of the smoothest-riding cars in the class, dealing with craggy roads exceedingly well. There’s a bit of float over dips and crests, but you can dial that out by switching to the slightly stiffer Normal setting.

Are golfs good first cars?

If you’ve got a teenager who needs a first car, or you are a teenager and you’re looking for a great set of first wheels, the Volkswagen Golf is your best option. Spacious, well-designed, and efficient, the Golf offers all the benefits of the Volkswagen brand at an affordable price.

Is a Golf GTD a good first car?

The GTD is as easy to pilot as any other Golf, so needn’t be intimidating to inexperienced drivers. Insurance is relatively expensive, though, and while it will have strong appeal for first-time buyers the purchase price is beyond all but a very small percentage of people looking for their first car.

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Why are golfs so popular?

Another reason why golf is so popular is that anyone can play. Unlike sports like soccer or basketball, golf doesn’t require much athletic ability if you’re in it for a casual game. Because golf doesn’t require any intense cardiovascular exercise, it can be enjoyed by kids and grandparents of all ages.

Why are VW Golfs so popular?

Originally called the Golf R32, this racing version of the Golf touted the highest-powered engine ever put in a Golf, as well as standard AWD. The Golf has always been popular due to its incredible performance and handling, and this iteration only improved upon that.

Are golfs expensive to maintain?

If you have heard that Volkswagens are expensive to own, that’s mostly true. The majority of models in the range are more expensive to maintain than competitor vehicles, although it’s great that the German company offers a five-year capped-price plan, which is longer than a few of its biggest competitors.

Is Golf a luxury car?

According to, Volkswagen Auto Group owns a hefty list of luxury car brands. However, it is not in and of itself considered a luxury brand. But it’s not really considered a budget brand either, and it’s known for offering a desirable level of performance across the models in the VW lineup.

How long will a Volkswagen Golf last?

A Volkswagen should last you 100,000 to 200,000 miles if you take proper care of it. There are even people who have Volkswagens with over 260,000 miles on them. Volkswagens are German cars, made with world-class engineering.

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