Can you use masking tape to build up golf grip?

Can I use painters tape for golf grips?

Painters Tape. Golf grip tape is not needed, except for the edge to slip the grip onto the shaft.

What can you use for golf grip tape?

Paint thinner or Mineral Spirits are cheap alternatives to grip solvent and also dry quickly. Like grip solvent, the mineral spirits will lubricate double-sided tape allowing you to work the grip over the shaft so that it adheres.

Can you use painters tape on golf clubs?

I use just painters tape on putters and blow the grips on. I just stick my pinky in solvent and then stick it in the grip to wet the end of it to making it easier to get it started on the shaft prior to hitting it with air to put it completely on.

Can you use duct tape to build up golf grips?

Any attempt to add build up tape is going to result in a firmer grip due to the extra stretching. Using duct tape isn’t going to change that.

How much tape do you put on a golf grip?

As a general rule, adding 4 extra layers of tape (in addition to the 1 wrap of double-sided tape needed to adhere the grip to the shaft) will take a grip from an Undersize to Standard, Standard to Midsize, and so on. Be aware that building up grips with extra tape will stretch the rubber and make the grip feel firmer!

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