Is it safe to golf in the rain?

Is it OK to play golf in the rain?

Golf is one of the few sports that can be played when it is raining. According to the USGA*, there is no rule to say you cannot play in the rain only when the weather causes imminent danger, such as a lightning strike. You can play golf in a downpour, and you can still have fun!

Is it harder to golf in the rain?

Golf is a hard enough game when it’s 75 degrees and sunny. In rain, it can be, well, water torture.

How does rain affect golf?

How does rain affect the way you play golf? Depending on the type of golf course, most will absorb rainwater, changing the texture and consistency of the ground beneath you. This means your hands on the grip of the golf clubs, and your shoes on the ground, are more likely to slip.

Does golf get rained out?

Golf courses often close when it rains. The rain will have to be significant, and it will have to be creating puddles on the fairways and the greens. The golf course closing usually happens in steps. When it first starts raining, the golf course will implement a walking-only policy.

Can you play golf after it rains?

Yes, you can absolutely play golf after it rains provided the course has drained sufficiently. Resuming golf after rain can be easier than in dry, hot conditions because the greens will be softer and far more receptive – meaning you can attack more pins and get more backspin with your wedges, leading to lower scores.

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What is too much rain to golf?

Re: What amount of rain (mm) would you play in? My general rule is that over 5mm is too much. If the forecast calls for 5-10mm during the time I’m playing, then it’s likely a no. Less than 5mm throughout the round isn’t bad really – hardly worthy of putting on rain pants.

Does rain cancel golf?

Even though most golfers would prefer to play on a bright and sunny day, most would also agree that playing golf in the rain is better than any workday. That is why we say never cancel your tournament due to rain.