Quick Answer: Can golf cause degenerative disc disease?

Can you play golf with degenerative disc disease?

Golfers with disc conditions and/or difficulty sitting for extended periods or bending: Avoid prolonged sitting or bending. Consider resuming golf by swinging the longer irons and woods with 50% effort. Slowly work toward using the shorter clubs, chipping and putting.

What are the main causes of degenerative disc disease?

What causes degenerative disc disease?

  • The drying out of the disc. When we are born, the disc is about 80 percent water. …
  • Daily activities and sports, which cause tears in the outer core of the disc. …
  • Injuries, which can cause swelling, soreness and instability.

Does playing golf damage your back?

Low, middle, and upper back pain are common symptoms of golf-related injuries. Golf is a game of muscle memory, and its repetitive motions can lead to inflammation, strains, and other injuries of the muscles and discs of the spine, throwing you off your game.

Can golf cause herniated disc?

Treating Back Pain from Golf

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Repeated and extreme movements can potentially cause disc injuries, including disc herniation or a ruptured disc. These conditions are most often treated with pain management therapies to address the severe pain, followed by a long-term program of rehab and strengthening.

Does golf worsen sciatica?

In golf, the lumbar region of the back undergoes strenuous activity because of continuous twisting and bending. Sometimes, this results in sciatica which can completely ruin life for a golfer.

Is golf good for sciatica?

Even so, medical experts usually say that the best treatment for most sciatica often is to remain physically active; and the walking involved in playing a game of golf is one of the most beneficial exercises.

Is walking good for degenerative disc disease?

Aerobic exercise.

Regular aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, or taking a low-impact aerobics class, has been shown to help relieve pain, promote a healthy body weight, and improve overall strength and mobility—all important factors in managing DDD.

Can you reverse degenerative disc disease?

While disc degeneration can’t be reversed, there is evidence that exercise, lifestyle changes and careful management of your back pain can contribute to better quality of life.

Is golf bad for your body?

Although golf is a low-impact sport, it’s associated with several injuries. Many golfing-related injuries are a result of poor mechanics or overuse. The most commonly injured area is the lower back. Other injured areas can include the elbow, wrist and hand, and shoulder.

How can I play golf without hurting my back?

The following 4 aspects of the golf stance reduce risk of injury5:

  1. Keep the spine upright. Standing close to the ball will reduce the risk of bending the spine.
  2. Bend forward at the hips. …
  3. Bend slightly at the knees. …
  4. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and rotated outwards.
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What injuries can you get from golf?

8 of the Most Common Golf Injuries

  1. Golf Back Injuries or Pain. …
  2. Rotator Cuff Injury. …
  3. Golfer’s Elbow. …
  4. Golf Wrist Injury Like Tendonitis. …
  5. Knee Pain or Injury. …
  6. Foot and Ankle Injuries. …
  7. Golf Hip Injury. …
  8. Sunburn.

Does golf hurt a bulging disc?

A herniated disc is one of the common injuries that greatly limits a golfer’s ability to get around a course. This injury can be a serious issue if left untreated.

Did Tiger Woods have a herniated disc?

Tiger’s Back Pain

It was suspected that he had a herniated disc, but that was never confirmed. In August 2013, Woods complained of a stiff neck and only played nine holes (out of eighteen) in a tournament. During the thirteenth hole, he dropped to the ground in visible pain.

Should I golf with a herniated disc?

Golf with great care if you have a herniated disc. The twisting of long drives may cause more damage. Doctors often recommend refraining from golf or other impact sports until a herniated disc is healed.