Quick Answer: How does golf club fitting improve ball flight?

Does golf club fitting really make a difference?

And the answer is absolutely yes, it’s worth getting fit for clubs you already have. Especially if you’re 5-foot-5, since a stock set of clubs isn’t likely to have the proper lie angle for you. Luckily, if that’s the case, it’s not a difficult fix.

Does club fitting improve your game?

A properly fitted club will complement your swing, ensure consistency, and can improve any golfer’s play in terms of distance and score.

How does club fitting help?

Fitting a club with the correct face angle for your swing can help curtail any tendencies to slice or hook. Using a club face that better suits your swing can correct unintended errors on impact by better orienting you towards your target every time you hit, creating a consistency that may result in better scores.

What happens when you get fitted for golf clubs?

Getting Fitted

The club-fitting process involves both static and dynamic measurements of your golf swing. The goal is to determine what loft, lie angle, shaft flex, head design, length and grips your clubs will need to best suit your game.

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Is a club fitting worth it?

Is it worth getting custom fit golf clubs? The simple answer is yes, it’s definitely worth getting custom fit golf clubs. If you were to look at the back of a typical set of off the shelf clubs, they would usually have various markings on them as well as loft and lie angles.

Is club fitting worth it for beginners?

How does club fitting help a beginner golfer? Getting fitted as a beginner can help build positive swing habits on the golf course. Having the correctly customized clubs can prevent problems like hooking the ball, slicing the ball, or hitting it thin or fat.

How much difference does club fitting make?

Therefore, simple math indicates that a 20-handicap would improve their handicap by at least two strokes by using properly fit golf clubs, whereas a 1-handicapper would knock 0.1 strokes off their handicap.

Can a club fitting fix a slice?

Custom fitting help can help cure a slice. When you slice the ball the toe of the club is leading into the ball, which opens the face of the club. That may be caused by a swing fault, but it could be because the club is too flat. The custom-fitting process can adjust the club so that it is more upright.

What clubs are most important to get fitted?

Even if you don’t want to invest in a full bag fitting at this time, you should still get the two most important clubs fitted, the putter and driver, so you are set up for success.

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Can you fit yourself for golf clubs?

Golf clubs come in a variety of sizes; although many of them are a standard size, others can be custom-made in accordance with your body size, grip and swing. It’s a fairly simple process to fit yourself for the proper-sized golf club. Doing so will allow you to attain optimum performance.

What do I need for golf club fitting?

What to Bring to A Golf Club Fitting

  1. Your current club or set of clubs.
  2. Your typical outfit and shoes – Dress as if you’re about to play a few rounds!
  3. Your completed pre-fitting survey for the fitting’s informational interview.

How much does getting your clubs fitted cost?

On average, the cost to get your golf clubs fitted is $100 for each type of club or $275 for your entire bag. This cost covers the basics such as club loft, lie, weight, and also finding the right shaft for your game. Certain shops offer free club fitting but that normally is much more basic.

How long does a club fitting take?

As a general rule a golf club fitting should take between 45 minutes and 3.5 hours. Full bag fittings take the longest but ittings can also be done in club ‘groups’ such as ‘wood’ or ‘iron’ fittings and these take 1.5 to 2 hours. Individual club fittings take a minimum of 45 minutes and can take 1 to 1.5 hours.

How much does a full bag fitting cost?

In the Full Bag WITH Putter Fitting, the client and fitter work through every club in the bag, including the putter. The cost of a True Spec Full Bag Fitting is $350 and a Full Bag with Putter Fitting is $450.

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