Quick Answer: What does the number above the cup mean in golf?

What is the Green Trophy with number in golf?

They’re the players who are already exempt into the Open Championship. Its on the leaderboard because the top 3-4 players at Greenbrier that are not already exempt will get into the Open, providing they are in the top 10-12 at Greenbrier (Not sure on the exact number but thats why they do it).

What do the numbers mean on golf leaderboard?

The first two lines of numbers on a leaderboard represent holes and pars. The first line refers to the hole and the second line refers to the par. The numbers run across the leaderboard from left to right. There are 18 holes on a standard golf course. Therefore, there are 18 corresponding par numbers.

What does the number next to golfers name mean?

That means they a player’s starting score relative to par to the left of their name. Then, they show how a player progresses through their round by showing their cumulative tournament score relative to par on each successive hole.

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What are the numbers on Golf Channel?

Golf Channel HD is on channel 218.

Do Masters winners get to keep the green jacket?

Green jackets are kept on club grounds and taking them off the premises is forbidden. There is an exception: The Masters champion can take the jacket home and return it to the club at the next Masters.

How do you get invited to the Masters?


  1. Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime)
  2. US Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after five years)
  3. The Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after five years)
  4. PGA Champions (Honorary, non-competing after five years)
  5. Winners of The Players Championship (Three years)

What does 72 mean in golf?

No, it doesn’t mean a very long hole. As mentioned, each hole has its own par. A typical golf course has 18 holes. So, if you add up all 18 par numbers, you could get around par 69 to 74 total. A regulation golf course has a par of 72 which is equivalent to four (4) par-3, ten (10) par-4 and four (4) par-5.

What do the negative numbers mean in golf?

If a player scored a three on the first hole, that’s one under par, or minus one, called a birdie. A plus or minus with a number indicates whether it’s positive, greater than zero, or negative, less than zero. Negative numbers are commonly seen in weather temperatures, the stock market, and financial statements.

What does thru mean golf?

A blue “In Progress” icon also confirms that the tournaments are “in progress”. There is be a “Thru” column indicating how many holes have been completed. If there have been no holes completed yet, the starting hole/time will be displayed instead. For Stroke Play leaderboards, there will be a “To Par” column.

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What does F F mean in golf?

F. Fade. A shot that, for a right-handed golfer, curves slightly to the right, and is often played intentionally by skilled golfers. An overdone fade will appear similar to a slice.

What does 66 mean in golf?

In tournament scoring, you’ll often see players a certain number under or over par. If a player shoots 66 on a par 72 course, that player would be six-under-par. Alternatively, a player who shoots 78 on the same course would be six-over-par. The aim is to shoot as low a score as you can. Birdie.

Why does Phil Mickelson have an asterisk?

As asterisk next to a player’s last name on a golf leaderboard means the player began play on the back nine that day. With a quick scan of the leaderboard, you are able to note which players teed off on the front nine versus those who started on the back nine.

What is the number next to the score in golf?

The first number is the players total score through that point in the tournament. One player, Sean O’Hair, had completed his round, so it shows his round score. The rest haven’t, so it shows how many holes they have completed. Thanks!

What does thru F mean in golf leaderboard?

What Does F Mean On A Golf Leaderboard? Sometimes, in the blue circle on the image above, you will see the letter “F” instead of a number like a 65 or 1-18. This simply means “Finished” and is another way of saying that player has completed their round for the day.