What does a siren on a golf course mean?

What does an air horn on a golf course mean?

Play will continue until the air horns are sounded indicating play is suspended: ONE PROLONGED NOTE, for an immediate suspension (imminent danger, such as lightning). THREE CONSECUTIVE NOTES, for a normal suspension (such as for darkness or when the course is unplayable). TWO SHORT NOTES, signal resumption of play.

What is the thunder signal on a golf course?

When lightning is detected within a 6-mile radius of our golf courses, a signal triggers a 15-second horn blast that warns course patrons. Golfers are advised to seek shelter.

What is the all clear signal on the golf course?

When lightning has moved out of the area, an all-clear signal will sound by the system. This is a three short blast tone for ten (10) seconds. Please keep in mind even though the all-clear has sounded the golf course may be unfit for play due to the storm.

What are the bells for on a golf course?

Often accompanying a blind spot on a golf course is one of Man’s most universal crude communication methods: the humble bell. From communal calls to prayer to personal calls to the front door, it’s an invitation to step up and engage with the divine, a neighbor or a tricky mid-iron to an unseen green.

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What happens when golf is suspended?

If the Committee declares an immediate suspension of play, all players must stop play at once and must not make another stroke until the Committee resumes play. Normal suspension (such as for darkness or unplayable course).

Can you play golf in lightning?

You shouldn’t need a reminder to avoid playing golf during a thunderstorm. Really, you shouldn’t do anything during a thunderstorm except cower in your own home. You’re not even supposed to keep the TV plugged in. Seriously.

What does a bell ringing on a golf course mean?

to let the people behind them know they are out of the way and it’s safe to go ahead and hit their ball.

Why do people ring bells in golf?

7th hole: A bell has been placed adjacent to the green. Please ring this bell when leaving the green to notify following golfers that the hole is clear. Hole 10a: Golfers must not tee off until any players on the 10th hole have moved away from the tee.

Why do you ring the bell in golf?

That means you straighten your bent elbow too early in your downswing; that makes your wrists uncock too early. If you “ring the bell” properly, the combination of weight shift (turning your hips toward the target) and “pulling down on the rope” with your hands helps keep that elbow bent until it is near your side.