What is a 2 man shamble in golf?

What is a two-person shamble?

The event format is a two-person modified scramble (shamble). Each player hits a tee-shot, the team selects the best tee-shot and each player plays their own ball from that point until it is holed. The lower of the two scores, is the team score for the hole.

How do you handicap a 2 person shamble?


  1. Shamble: All four players tee off. …
  2. 2-Man Best Ball: Stroke play. …
  3. 2-Man Scramble: Both players will tee off. …
  4. 4-Man 2 Best Ball: Pop your card according to Assignment of Strokes. …
  5. 2-Man 6-6-6: Holes 1 – 6 played best ball; holes 7 – 12 played scramble; holes 13 – 18 played scotch.

What is the difference between a golf scramble and a shamble?

From that point, normal stroke play ensues as each player plays his or her individual own ball, and each golfer is responsible for holing out in the fewest number of shots. Thus, whereas a scramble continuously uses the best shot from the group, in a shamble, only the best drive is used for the foursome.

How does a shamble work in golf?

A “shamble” is a type of golf tournament format in which a team of golfers selects the one best drive among them after teeing off, then all four play their own golf balls from that position into the hole. (2) Best balls of the team will count towards the TEAM SCORE.

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What is a 3 man shamble?

In a shamble, each player will tee off. The group will select the ball in the best position and all three players on the team will play their own ball in from the selected position. The team score will be the aggregate total of the 3 scores. Each team must use 3 drives per player.

What is 2-man best ball golf?

“2-Person Best Ball” is a golf format for teams comprised of two golfers. Those two golfers play their own golf balls throughout and the lower score between them on each hole counts as the team score. Two-Person Best Ball can be used in tournaments or by any group of four golfers (who want to play 2-vs. -2).

How do you handicap a two man best ball?

2-Person Best Ball, using USGA Handicap

This is a 2-person team event. The 2-person team will count its lowest net ball on each hole to arrive at its 18-hole total. It is recommended that team members be within 6 handicap strokes of one another and, if the field is fewer than 24 players, only one flight.

What is a Chapman format in golf?

“Chapman System” is the name of a 2-person team competition format for golfers that works like this: Both golfers on the side hit drives; Each plays the other’s ball for the second shots; The best of the second shots is selected, and from there the two partners play alternate shot into the hole.

What is a Florida shamble?

The Florida Scramble is a variation on the typical scramble in which one player on each team sits out each shot. A scramble works this way: Each player on the team (usually groups of four, but groups of three or two work also) tees off.

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What is a Jack and Jill shamble?

When you see a local golf tournament called a Jack and Jill, that just means that it involves men and women partnering as teammates or team members. Some tournament organizers will used the term “mixed” (as in “mixed foursomes”) to mean the same thing, others prefer using the Jack & Jill term.

How do you score a shamble?

Scoring in a Shamble Tournament

  1. The one low ball of the golfers on the team can be the team score.
  2. The two low balls combined, or three low balls combined.
  3. The lowest score combined with the highest score among the team members can be the team score.

What is Pinehurst golf format?

Pinehurst involves two players both teeing off on a hole and then playing their second shots with their partner’s ball. They then chose which ball they prefer and play proceeds as per a normal Foursomes competition (alternate stroke). If Player B hit the second shot of the chosen ball, Player A will hit the next shot.