What is a good set of golf irons?

What are the 7 irons for golf?

Long, Mid-, and Short Irons

Irons are generally categorized as long irons, mid-irons , and short irons. Long irons are the 2-, 3- ,and 4-irons; mid-irons, the 5-, 6-, and 7-irons; short irons, the 8- and 9-irons and pitching wedge. (Two-irons are becoming obsolete and are exceedingly rare for recreational golfers.

How much is a set of good irons?

A complete set of golf clubs can cost as much as $1,000. The good news is, your average beginner to intermediate player will still play a good game at a much lower price point, in the $250 to $350 range.

What is a standard set of golf irons?

A standard set of irons consists of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons and the pitching wedge (PW). The 3 and 4 irons are harder to hit than the higher number irons.

Which golf brand is best for irons?

Best Golf Irons

  • Best Overall: Mizuno MP20 MMC Irons.
  • Best Design: Titleist T100.
  • Best for Control: TaylorMade P760 Irons.
  • Editor’s Choice: Taylormade M4 and Mizuno MP18.
  • Pro’s Choice: Callaway Rogue Pro, Titleist 718 AP2, and Callaway Epic Pro.
  • Best Value: Cobra F8 Irons.
  • Best Irons for Mid-Handicapper: Callaway Steelhead XR.
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How far should a 9 iron go?

Beta Program

Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
9-iron 120 yards 100 yards
Pitching wedge 110 yards 90 yards
Sand wedge 90 yards 80 yards
Lob wedge 65 yards 60 yards

How far should an average golfer hit a 7 iron?

The average distance golfers hit each club varies widely. A PGA Tour player hits a 7-iron between 172-215 yards.

Average Distances for PGA Tour Players.

Club Average Distance
7 Iron 172 – 215 yds
8 Iron 160 – 200 yds
9 Iron 148 – 185 yds
Pitching Wedge 136 – 170 yds

Why do iron sets not have 3 irons?

The reason for not including a 3-iron in a set is simple—long irons are too difficult to hit. In order to hit a 3-iron well, golfers need a slow backswing, bring the club to parallel, open the hips and shift the weight, sweeping down through the ball. Also being young never hurts.

What is the best time to buy golf clubs?

Golf Equipment Deals in Late Winter/Early Spring

This is the prime time to get last season’s model at its cheapest price, as all the newest models are hitting the shelves as well. In a cold-weather climate, no one is thinking about golfing during this time of year, so you may be able to find some great deals.

How long should golf clubs last?

The standard set of golf clubs is going to last from 3 years to 10 years, depending on the number of rounds played per year, and how well you take care of your clubs. If you play a few times per month, you can expect your clubs to wear out much quicker than the golfer who plays just a handful of times per year.

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How do I choose an iron set?

Picking the Right Irons

Player’s distance irons look like player’s irons, game improvement irons can feel as smooth as forged irons, hollow backed irons can act like a hybrid, and many sets can be made custom as combo sets to fit each irons need from longer to shorter.

How far should I hit an 8 iron?

Golf Club Distance Chart

Club Men Women
6-iron 130-150-160 70-100-130
7-iron 120-140-150 65-90-120
8-iron 110-130-140 60-80-110
9-iron 95-115-130 55-70-95

What club should I use on a par 3?

Use a 9-iron on a short par-3 of about 130 yards. The 9-iron will help you get loft on the ball, and that’s important because you want the ball to come in high and soft. If you come into the green high and soft, your shot is much less likely to bounce off the green.

What is the most forgiving irons of all time?

The Most Forgiving Irons Are:

  1. Best All Round – Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB Irons. View on Amazon. …
  2. Budget Pick – LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons. View on Amazon. …
  3. Premium Pick – TaylorMade P790 Irons. …
  4. Cobra F Max Irons. …
  5. TaylorMade M4 Irons. …
  6. Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set. …
  7. Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons. …
  8. TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron Set.

What is the easiest iron to hit?

What is the easiest iron to hit? With all the irons reviewed in this post, the iron that seems the easiest to hit is Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons. They deliver maximum forgiveness and a higher trajectory than every other club out there.

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What is the most played irons on tour?

Most Popular Irons Played on Tour

Model Name # of Tour Players
Titleist T100 12
Titleist 620 MB 10
PING i210 8
Callaway Apex TCB 8