Your question: Where are King Cobra golf clubs?

Where is King Cobra golf clubs manufactured?

Cobra Golf is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Carlsbad, California, focused on golf equipment, producing a wide range of golf clubs. The company is currently a subsidiary of Puma.

Cobra Golf.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Carlsbad, California , USA
Key people Bob Philion, President
Products Golf clubs
Brands King

Are Cobra golf clubs made in the USA?

Cobra Golf clubs are designed in Carlsbad, California whereafter the manufacturing is done in Asia, but final assembly and quality control are done in Carlsbad, California.

Who makes Cobra golf equipment?

Cobra Golf is one of the major golf equipment manufacturers, producing a full line of golf clubs (minus putters) as well as accessories such as golf bags. Today, Cobra Golf is a division of Puma, which acquired Cobra from the Acushnet Company (owners of the Titleist brand) in 2010.

Is King Cobra a good golf brand?

What is this? Cobra are without doubt a good brand. If you are just getting into golf, their beginners clubs are enough to take any other brands offerings for a ride and they also usually very well placed. While their irons cannot yet compete with the other top brands, their drivers, woods and hybrids certainly can.

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Are Cobra Golf clubs made in China?

Cobra, a well-recognized golf manufacturer that is partly owned by Puma, has now begun to produce their clubs in China. Golf club components are made in China and assembled in California. Cobra first began developing graphite shafts and oversized irons in 1995.

What golf clubs are not made in China?

Golf Clubs and Where They Are Made/Produced

  • Ping. Ping is the last one standing when it comes to manufacturing golf clubs in the United States. …
  • Titleist. Titleist golf clubs are some of the most well known on the PGA Tour. …
  • Callaway. …
  • TaylorMade. …
  • BombTech. …
  • Cobra Golf.

What PGA pros use Cobra clubs?

Some of the players who use or have used Cobra clubs in the past include Geoff Ogilvy, Camilo Villegas, Ian Poulter, Lexi Thompson, Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler. 5. Greg Norman is another golfer who used Cobra clubs during his playing career and his involvement with the company went even further.

Where are BombTech clubs made?

Each BombTech golf club is hand assembled in Vermont for the individual customer. This custom build approach gives the consumer more control over their golf club.

What brand is Cobra Golf?

COBRA PUMA GOLF is a corporate division of PUMA and combines two strong brands that provide a full range of offerings to the golf industry. COBRA PUMA GOLF is an inclusive company for golfers of all abilities, attitudes and styles who enjoy the game.

Does Callaway make Cobra?

When you consider the top brands in the game, you can think about Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Cleveland, and Cobra. The Cobra brand is absolutely a great brand of clubs, and it will continue to impress players with the technology and consistency that it offers.

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Do any pros use Cobra putter?

Which Tour Players Are Using Cobra Equipment? Currently there are 3 PGA Tour players among the top players in the world playing Cobra clubs or other Cobra equipment. This list includes players like Hideki Matsuyama, Bryson DeChambeau, and Rickie Fowler.

Is Cobra a premium golf brand?

Cobra is a good golf brand producing high-quality equipment for beginners golfers to professionals; their beginner’s clubs rival every manufacturer. Their drivers are some of the best in tour, allowing Bryson DeChambeau to hit the ball 400 yards.

Are Cobra golf clubs good for beginners?

Cobra for beginners irons? Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra golf irons are all going to make options that work for those new to the game. Of these three brands, Cobra tends to stand out as the overall best option for beginner golf irons.