Are one length golf clubs any good?

What are the advantages of one length golf clubs?

The Pros of Single Length Irons

  • They Are Easier To Get Used To For Beginners.
  • The Long Irons Are Easier To Hit.
  • These Irons Are Very Unique.
  • The Short Irons Are Harder To Hit.
  • The Selection of Single Length Irons is Still Limited.
  • Some People Criticize Users of Single Length Irons.
  • Final Thoughts.

Do you lose distance with one length irons?

Luckily swinging with a one-length iron set should not make you lose distance. You may see a few yards difference with your long irons, but your short irons will likely end up going a few yards further. Sometimes the longer length on the short irons gives them a bit more distance, but it won’t be significant.

Do one length clubs work?

The reality is that mid-high handicap players don’t strike their 4 and 5-irons out of the middle on a regular basis. That’s where the single-length irons can really help. We’ve found that the strike with the single length irons in the 5 and 4-iron is much more consistent than with variable length irons.

Do any pros use single length clubs?

That being said the answer is yes. Bobby Jones apparently won the Grand Slam using single length irons. Moe Norman, a golfer who many consider one of the greatest ball strikers of all times, used single length irons.

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Does Bryson DeChambeau still use one length irons?

Pro Tips spoke with DeChambeau about his decision to use one-length irons. He shared the benefits he has seen and why he thinks they can assist golfers of any skill level. “These clubs can benefit literally everybody in the world,” DeChambeau says.

Are one length irons any good?

One Length irons are not a trend or gimmick – they are a modern design that can help golfers who want to play well but don’t have time to spend hours practicing. I played both of my first rounds with no warm up and still played very well. It was the exact thing my golf game was looking for.

What pros use one length irons?

DeChambeau is currently the only Tour player who uses single-length irons, but Norman said he thinks that could change in the future.

Does Bryson DeChambeau use one length wedges?

DeChambeau does things differently than almost any other golfer when it comes to his equipment. All of his irons and wedges measure the same length (37.5 inches), he uses oversized JumboMax grips, and he uses ultra-stiff LA Golf graphite shafts in all of his clubs through the bag.

Did Bobby Jones use single length irons?

Although the concept of making each iron in a set the same length is not new (Bobby Jones used single length irons in 1930 to win the Grand Slam), never before has there been so much attention given to single length.

Are one length irons the future?

The one length irons will help you become more accurate by eliminating those inconsistencies which means golfers of all skill levels can benefit from playing these clubs. Bryson has proved these irons work well by winning five times on the PGA Tour and once Internationally by the age of 25.

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