Best answer: Is throwing a golf ball a constant velocity?

Does throwing a golf ball a constant velocity or constant acceleration?

Unfortunately, unless we had a rocket powered golf ball, the ball would not continue accelerating. It would simply move approximately at a constant velocity in the horizontal direction.

What is considered constant velocity?

Constant velocity means that the object in motion is moving in a straight line at a constant speed. This line can be represented algebraically as: x=x0+vt x = x 0 + vt , where x0 represents the position of the object at t=0 , and the slope of the line indicates the object’s speed.

Does projectile motion have constant velocity?

The horizontal motion of the projectile is the result of the tendency of any object in motion to remain in motion at constant velocity. Due to the absence of horizontal forces, a projectile remains in motion with a constant horizontal velocity.

What kind of velocity does the ball have?

Conclusion: The magnitude of the velocity of the ball is 26.3 m/s for the parabolic motion just before it hits the ground and this greater than the 17.1 m/s for the velocity of the ball that falls straight downward.

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What is the velocity after 3 seconds?

After 3 seconds, the velocity is 4.5+3×1.5=9 m/s.

How do you know if there is constant velocity?

Furthermore, when an object travels the same distance every second, then the object is said to be moving with constant velocity. This means that the magnitude of the velocity (or speed) and the direction of the velocity both remain constant.

Is 0 a constant velocity?

The constant velocity means that and so automatically satisfy this relation. So, we can say the zero velocity is constant velocity.

Does constant velocity mean 0?

Constant velocity means the acceleration is zero. The change in velocity over a certain time interval equals the area under the acceleration graph over that interval. In this case the velocity does not change, so there can be no area under the acceleration graph.

What is constant in projectile motion?

The horizontal velocity of a projectile is constant (a never changing in value), There is a vertical acceleration caused by gravity; its value is 9.8 m/s/s, down, The vertical velocity of a projectile changes by 9.8 m/s each second, The horizontal motion of a projectile is independent of its vertical motion.

Which of the following is constant in a projectile motion?

Answer: Horizontal components of the projectile motion is constant.

What is the velocity of a ball thrown straight up?

If you throw the ball upward with a speed of 9.8 m/s, the velocity has a magnitude of 9.8 m/s in the upward direction. Now the ball is under the influence of gravity, which, on the surface of the Earth, causes all free-falling objects to undergo a vertical acceleration of –9.8 m/s2.

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What is the velocity of the ball at the peak?

At the highest point in its trajectory, the ball has zero velocity, and the magnitude of velocity increases again as the ball falls back toward the earth (see figure 1).

When throwing a ball straight up which of the following is true about its velocity?

When throwing a ball straight up, which of the following is true about its velocity v and its acceleration a at the highest point in its path? At the top, clearly v = 0 because the ball has momentarily stopped. But the velocity of the ball is changing, so its acceleration is definitely not zero!