Frequent question: Who is the youngest person to ever win a major golf tournament?

Who is the youngest golfer to win a PGA tournament?

The youngest-ever winner in pro golf history was a 14-year-old boy from Thailand. Phachara Khongwatmai won the 2013 Sing Hua Hin Open in Thailand, a tournament that was part of the ASEAN PGA Tour schedule. Khongwatmai was 14 years, two months and 22 days old at the time.

Who was the youngest winner of the Masters?

Jordan Spieth won the Masters tournament in 2015 at age 21 (and eight months). That put him slightly behind Tiger Woods, who also was 21 (3 months and 14 days) when he won it in 1997.

Who is the youngest golfer to win 5 majors?

More than a trophy, Tseng’s feat means she’s the youngest player ever to win five major championships. At 22 years, six months and eight days of age, the Taiwanese golfer accomplished something that Tiger Woods did when he was 24 and that Jack Nicklaus did at age 26.

How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first green jacket?

Tiger Woods is the youngest player to win the Masters. He won in 1997 at 21 years, 3 months, 14 days in his first appearance as a professional at Augusta.

Youngest golfers to win the Masters.

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Golfer Year Age
Tiger Woods 2001 25 years, 3 months, 9 days
Gary Player 1961 25 years, 5 months, 9 days

How much did Tiger Woods make Masters 2022?

The first player to earn more than $1 million for a win was also Woods, earning $1.008 million from his 2001 win that completed the “Tiger Slam.” (Not surprisingly, the five-time champion is the all-time leading money winner at the Masters with $9,556,069.)

Who has won the Masters the most?

Stanford holds the title for the most championships at the Masters, mainly because Tiger Woods won five all by himself to team up with the two won by Tom Watson. Ohio State has six Masters titles and Wake Forest has four, but those all belong to Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, respectively.

Who was the youngest golfer?

Who is the youngest player on the PGA Tour to make the cut? The youngest player on the modern era PGA Tour is Guan Tianlang. He created history by making the cut at the 2013 Masters at the age of 14. To be exact, Guan was 14 years, 5 months, and 18 days when he achieved this feat in 2013 as an amateur.

What age is golf prime?

Golfers, in comparison, peak at about 31 years of age, although recent data suggest movement toward younger ages.

What age was Rory McIlroy when he won his first major?

At the time, Rory’s win at 22 years old made him the youngest multiple major champion since Seve Ballesteros won the 1980 Masters Tournament.

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How old is smith in the Masters?

Cameron Smith (born 18 August 1993) is an Australian professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has won five times on the PGA Tour, including the 2022 Players Championship. He was also runner-up in the 2020 Masters Tournament.

Cameron Smith (golfer)

Cameron Smith
Personal information
Number of wins by tour
PGA Tour 5
European Tour 2

How old is Masters winner Scheffler?

The 25-year-old American, a rising star on the PGA Tour and world No. 1, held off Rory McIlroy and Cameron Smith to win by three strokes.

Who won the Masters 2022 score?

Scottie Scheffler dominated the final three rounds of the 2022 Masters en route to a green jacket, record $2.7 million payout and further enshrinement as the hottest golfer on the planet, carding a 10-under 278 to win his first career major on Sunday.