How do you clean leather golf head covers?

How do you clean golf club covers?

Use Soap and Water

Put the soap and water in a spray bottle. Alternatively, you can also fill a bucket with the cleaning solution and put the golf club covers in. Leave them for a few minutes, which will let the dirt dissolve. Once done, rinse and dry.

What can I use to clean my golf heads?

To properly clean the head of your golf clubs:

  1. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and a small amount of dish soap.
  2. Take your club and dunk the head into the water for a few seconds.
  3. Remove the club and wipe the head down with a towel.
  4. Scrub away any debris from the grooves using the soft-bristled brush.

How do you clean a Scotty Cameron head cover?

Just let it air dry though. I put them in the delicate cycle or if you have a washer that has a hand wash cycle.

How do you clean a Daphne headcover?

The headcovers are washable! Quality fur allows them to be hand washed, dry cleaned or spot washed. After washing, line-dry the headcover and blow dry them to fluff the fur back up.

Can you use WD40 to clean golf clubs?

Remove the golf clubs from the bag; if you spray WD40 on your bag, it will smell for a long time. Spray the WD40 on your irons and wedges and let it sit for a few minutes. Take a dry cloth and wipe the WD40 off the clubs. Once it is off, you can wash and rinse the clubs.

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How do you make your golf clubs look new?

Take a wet towel with a little dab of dish soap on it, and clean your golf club grip. Rinse with a clean wet cloth. Dry your club and club grip with a new clean dry cloth. Optionally, you can use some chrome polish or metal polish to polish the golf club shaft and face to help protect against rust.

Can you use Windex on golf clubs?

If you want to give your clubs a thorough cleaning after the warm water and soap, take a household cleaner like Windex and spray it on your grips. This will break up the dirt and oil below the surface and return the grips to almost-new condition.

What is a head cover for golf?

Golf club head covers are designed to protect the heads and shafts of your woods from damage that can occur when the clubs jostle around in your bag. Whether you carry your clubs, pull them on a cart or attach them to a power cart, some jostling is inevitable.

Where are Daphne headcovers made?

Daphne’s is a home-grown Arizona company, although we are now represented in over 75 countries. Our Phoenix headquarters contains a warehouse and manufacturing base, so I get to be involved, “hands-on,” with some of our production. We started with animal headcovers.