How hard should I throw disc golf?

How hard should you throw a disc golf disc?

Start with lower speed discs and work up

You don’t want to go straight to 14 and 15 speed discs when trying to throw a disc faster. You need to start with lower speeds, maybe speed 7 to 9, and start getting better at throwing these discs. As your arm speed develops, then you can start throwing faster speed discs.

What happens if you throw a disc too hard?

Throwing Too Hard is a disease which can infect good players of the game, but it usually attacks beginners and intermediates, as they struggle to properly understand the game, their discs, and themselves, with an ever-improving but inconsistent ability.

Can you throw a disc golf disc too fast?

If you throw too slowly, you’re going to have it fade, if you throw too quickly you’ll see it turn. It’s not always a bad thing to throw your disc faster than intended. Putters are excellent to throw too fast. These discs will turn over and hold that turn for a long time.

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What is the average disc golf throw?

Typical Distance

Throwing them at a distance less than that could result in catastrophic skips that do more harm than good. A seasoned disc golfer with average power will generally max out around 400 feet/122 meters at most.

What disc speed should I throw?

A general guideline is that you should throw slower discs for accuracy and only move to faster discs when your need for extra distance outweights your need for high accuracy. Beginners often do not have the power to throw a high speed disc properly.

How far does Paul McBeth throw?

Paul McBeth has thrown a Discraft Zeus to a distance of 600+ feet (182+ meters), this incredible throw was recorded in a video where McBeth was throwing “Simon lines”, he crushed a near perfect 360-backhand throw.

Why do pros throw Overstable discs?

When thrown on a hyzer, an overstable disc wants to find the ground. The more stability a disc has, the quicker it will want to dump out of the air and land. This means that the less stability the disc has, the longer it will take to find the ground when thrown on a hyzer.

Is disc golf hard on the body?

The most obvious way to make sure we can play disc golf better for longer is avoiding injury. But this is easier said than done, and while the professionals make throwing a disc look smooth and easy, the movements involved in a throw are violent and taxing on our bodies over time.

How far do disc golf pros throw?

So, how far do pro disc golfers throw? Most pros can drive accurately between 350 ft – 450 ft with the top pros able to drive more than 500 ft.

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How far can Paige Pierce throw drive a disc?

Just don’t bet on that happening anytime soon. Pierce boasts the driving distance (upwards of 500 feet) to thrive on wide-open courses, the technical ability to win in wooded environments and the accuracy to sink putts from seemingly impossible lengths.

How far do pro disc golfers throw forehand?

Forehand distance is great to have, distance in the 325-350 range is good enough if you have a backhand. I have a longer forehand than most but will still throw backhand for distance.