How hard would you have to hit a golf ball to put it into orbit?

Can you hit golf ball into orbit?

No, you cannot hit a golf ball into orbit on the moon.

How far could I hit a golf ball on the moon?

In order to escape its gravity field, an object would have to at least move at this velocity. Not even the strongest human could launch a golf ball at such a speed. One can make a golf ball travel for a couple miles on the moon, but the ball would always end up landing back on its surface.

Could you throw a rock off the moon?

You could, but it wouldn’t be super easy. First of all, you have to get off of the Moon. The escape velocity of the Moon is around 2.38 km/s, which is a good estimate of what you would need to leave the Moon’s sphere of influence. About 700 m/s of that is the orbital velocity.

How far would a golf ball travel in space?

Based on data from the crew and a modern-day moon mission, the group found that the first ball traveled 24 yards (22 meters) and the second about 40 yards (37 m).

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How fast is a golf ball going when it lands?

Typically for a 100mph swing speed (using an 11-degree lofted driver, a 200-gram head weight, a 0.825 COR, and a perfect on-center hit), the ball velocity at impact will be approximately 148 mph. But by the time the ball hits the ground, the ball’s speed has dramatically dropped to only 47.5 mph!

How long would it take to fall from the moon to Earth?

4.83 days, if you stopped its sideways motion instantly and let it fall.

Can you jump off the moon?

Although you can jump very high on the moon, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no need to worry about jumping all the way off into space. In fact, you’d need to be going very fast – more than 2 kilometres per second – to escape from the moon’s surface.

Has anyone golfed on the moon?

It was Alan Shepard, commander of Apollo 14, who was the first golfer on the moon. He was a keen amateur, and the 6-Iron he used is now in the US Golf association hall of fame.

Who golfed on the moon?

Alan Shepard smacked golf balls on the Moon — and now we know where they landed. When the Apollo astronaut said his second shot went “miles and miles and miles,” that was a bit of an exaggeration. In the annals of golf history, Alan Shepard’s shots from the lunar sand may be the most famous swings ever taken.

How high can you jump on the moon?

The Moon’s gravity at the surface is only 17 percent that of Earth’s. Using the same force of a jump on Earth, you could rise about 3 metres (10 feet) off the ground and stay in the air for about 4 seconds.

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What would happen if you threw a baseball on the moon?

There is almost no atmosphere on the Moon. This means that there is no drag force to reduce the horizontal speed of a baseball pitched there. So a 90 mph fastball will still be moving 90 mph when it crosses home plate on the Moon.

Does the moon have gravity?

On the moon, with a gravity acceleration six times smaller, the ball would travel six times further and land some 2km away, which is roughly 1.25 miles. “This is how far a professional golf player with modern equipment could hit a drive on the moon.

What did Apollo 14 discover?

Fast Facts: Apollo 14

Apollo 14’s crew carried out the longest list of experiments on the lunar surface and in lunar orbit as of that time, demonstrated that reasonably long distances can be covered on foot on the Moon and brought back almost 95 pounds (43 kilograms) of lunar samples to Earth.