How many disc golf manufacturers are there?

Who is the best disc golf manufacturer?

Best Overall: Innova Champion Roc3

Innova is one of the best and most popular disc golf manufacturers on the market. The company offers dozens of disc designs for everyone from beginners to experts. With many variations on each style of disc, from distance driver to putter, Innova gives everyone what they need.

How big is the disc golf industry?

Market Analysis and Insights: Global Disc Golf Market

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global Disc Golf market size is estimated to be worth USD 205.7 million in 2022 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 538.5 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 17.4% during the review period.

What companies does Dynamic Discs own?

Dynamic Discs of Emporia and Latitude 64 announced Wednesday they had acquired Westside Discs and will take equal ownership over the company. There has been nothing short of a strong partnership between the three companies since 2012.

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Where are disc golfs made?

List of disc golf brands and manufacturers

Brands Est. Based in
DGA 1976 California
Discmania 2006 Finland
Discraft 1978 Michigan

What is the most sold disc golf disc?

1. Discraft Buzzz – Mid-range (5, 4, -1, 1) The Buzzz is #1 on this list because it’s hands down the most popular disc golf disc used today.

Why did Vibram stop making discs?

We have made the very hard decision to exit the sport of disc golf. We feel that the sport of disc golf deserves more attention and effort than our business is able to provide, given the volume of resources needed for the much larger segments of our business.

Is disc golf gaining popularity?

It’s easy to see why disc golf is growing in popularity, especially among those over 50. Its rules are simple, and it’s easy on joints and muscles, inexpensive and promotes social connections. Players throw a disc at a target called a disc golf basket on a course with either nine or 18 holes.

Will disc golf continue to grow?

We’re happy to report the answer is a resounding “no.” Welcome to the 2022 Disc Golf Growth Report powered by UDisc, where information from the world’s leading player-powered disc golf app will demonstrate how much this sport continues to thrive. That’s up from 3.5 per day in 2020—a 50% increase.

Where in the world is disc golf most popular?

List of disc golf courses by country

Country DGC as % of world total
United States * 6,652 75.1%
Finland * 615 6.9%
Canada 277 3.1%
Sweden 217 2.5%
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Does Westside still make discs?

Westside Discs are still being produced, but no longer from Finland. All of their disc models are made in Sweden’s disc manufacturing facility ran by Latitude 64.

Who owns Westside disc?

The ownership of Westside Discs will be 50% Latitude 64 and 50% Dynamic Discs with decisions being made between the two companies on the best direction to lead the brand and the best products to bring to market.

Who makes trilogy discs?

Westside Discs is a sister company to these Disc Golf companies and shares a state of the art production plant in Sweden. Together the three brands are often referred to as the Trilogy.

Does Prodigy make their own discs?

Up until now, all Prodigy discs were manufactured in the USA. Over the past several years Prodigy has invested in a new disc golf manufacturing facility overseas. The discs produced in the China factory are now known as Ace Line discs.

What is the oldest disc golf company?

Innova Champion Discs – Innova is the oldest active manufacturer of frisbee golf discs and held the initial patent for the beveled edge (aerodynamic) disc golf driver. Innova has headquarters in California as well as a massive distribution center in South Carolina.

Are Innova discs made in USA?

Innova’s discs are still manufactured in California with methods that guarantee the quality and features of your gear that are also used by the top players in the world.