Quick Answer: How many times has an albatross happened in PGA?

Has there ever been an albatross on the PGA Tour?

An albatross, also called a double eagle, is a score of three-under-par on a single hole. This is most commonly achieved with two shots on a par-5, but can be done with a hole-in-one on a par-4.

BMW PGA Championship.

Player Pierre Fulke
Tournament Volvo PGA Championship
Course Wentworth Club
Date May 28, 1994
Round 2

Has anyone ever had an albatross in golf?

An albatross has happened the most times at golf’s oldest major, the British Open, which has seen an albatross occur eight times in its history. The last one came in 2009 from Paul Lawrie. The Masters has had four albatrosses — the last one came from Louis Oostuizen in 2012.

How many albatrosses are in Masters history?

There has been only three other ‘albatrosses’ in the 76 year history of the Masters – Bruce Devlin (1967 Masters, 8th hole, first round), Jeff Maggert (1994 Masters, 13th hole, round four) and Gene Sarazen (1935 Masters, 15th hole, 4th round).

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Has there ever been a double eagle on the PGA Tour?

Yes, two. While golfing at the Del Valle Country Club on August 30, 1964, amateur golfing legend, Norman Manley scored a double eagle on two consecutive holes in the same round of golf. Both were on par 4 holes. The first was on the par 4, 330 yard 7th hole and the second was on the par 4, 290 yard 8th hole.

What golfers have gotten an albatross?

The U.S. Open has seen three golfers make an albatross.

  • Chen Tze-Chung (1985)
  • Shaun Micheel (2010)
  • Nick Watney (2012)

Has Tiger Woods hit an albatross?

Tiger Woods and the Chase for an Albatross

Although Tiger has never recorded an albatross on TOUR, his closest call came in 2015 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which was won by Brooks Koepka. After a 329-yard drive, Tiger hit his second shot just 7 inches from the pin for a tap-in eagle.

What is a ostrich in golf?

The term “ostrich” is used to describe the completion of a hole using five fewer strokes than the par. Each hole is assigned a number of strokes that are considered to be par, otherwise known as average for the course.

Has anyone ever made a condor in golf?

The most recent recorded condor was achieved on December 20, 2020 by Kevin Pon at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, CA on the 667 yard par-6 18th hole. This is the only recorded condor to have happened on a par-6. A condor is so uncommon in golf that bookmakers don’t even offer odds on such a feat.

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What is the rarest shot in golf?

Scoring a condor represents one of the rarest of events in golf. Scoring a condor is the rarest event in golf. This is normally a hole in one at a par five (a two at a par six would also count, but this has never been done).

Has anyone ever aced a par 5?

One of the par-5 aces came Down Under in 2007, when Jack Bartlett banged one in on the 511-yard 17th at Royal Wentworth Falls C.C. in New South Wales, again cutting the corner on a sharp dogleg.

How many double eagles have there been on the PGA Tour?

Looking at professional data, there are very few double eagles. According to the PGA Tour there have been 32 double eagles (so roughly 3 per year on average) in the last 10 years.

Who holds the record for most hole in ones?

Many golfers go without hitting a hole in one ever in their lifetime. That’s not the case for Norman Manley of California who holds the record for most hole in ones. Manley has shot 59 hole in ones over his lifetime.

Is an albatross harder than a hole-in-one?

Scoring an albatross is one of golf’s rarest achievements

Very, very difficult — a double eagle is much rarer than the hole-in-one. To score an albatross, a golfer has to hole out in two strokes (record a score of two) on a par-5 hole, or make a hole-in-one (a score of one) on a par-4 hole.

Is albatross better than hole-in-one?

The odds of scoring a hole in-one, or ace, is 12,000 to 1, while an albatross is six million to 1, according to golf experts. The odds of doing both in the same round are, well, almost incalculable. Consider that golf greats like Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have never had an albatross during a PGA Tour event.

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Why is a hole-in-one called an albatross?

Overview. Scoring an albatross on a given hole requires that you are playing on a par-5 hole. If you were to hole out three shots below par on a par-4, this accomplishment would technically be called a hole-in-one rather than an albatross. On a par-5 hole, you would need to sink your second shot to achieve an albatross …