Quick Answer: Where should your weight be at impact in the golf swing?

Where should weight be on downswing?

Downswing shift

When you reach the top of the backswing, your weight should be over your right leg. Then as you start the downswing, your weight begins to move onto your left side.

Where should weight be when hitting irons?

With an iron, your stance should be narrower and your weight should be 50% on each side. Throughout the swing, it is mostly recommended that you start with your weight on the front foot and keep it there, or even shift more weight forward as you start the swing.

Where is your weight in a golf swing?

In the golf swing, weight should be evenly distributed at address, slightly towards the balls of your feet. In the backswing, you should feel the weight shift onto the inside of your trail foot, before shifting forward again and through your left side when rotating through the shot.

Should weight be on front foot in golf swing?

Though 90% of a golfer’s weight should be on their front foot at impact, many golfers struggle with hanging back too much on their back leg. This leads to decreased power and inconsistent contact. By starting with the weight slightly forward, it is easier to transfer the rest of the weight at impact.

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Should driver swing weight be the same as irons?

All of Your Clubs Should Have the Same Swing Weight

Even if you think your clubs are a bit light or heavy for you, all the clubs in your bag should at least be very close to the same swing weight. Using clubs with different swing weights typically leads to poor performance on the course.

Should my left foot move golf swing?

Newell advises flexible players who have no difficulty completing a full backswing turn to leave the left heel planted on the ground. A firm left foot supplies resistance to counter the backswing’s motion, which adds speed to your downswing when the upper body springs forward.