Should I bring my golf cart batteries inside for winter?

How do you winterize a Club car golf cart?

The steps include:

  1. Replacing the fuel and air filters.
  2. Changing the oil and filter.
  3. Removing the old spark plug, pouring a half-ounce of clean oil in the hole and installing a new plug.
  4. Draining the fuel tank and running the engine until it stops in order to remove gas from the system as old gas can gum up the fuel lines.

Should I disconnect golf cart batteries for storage?

Batteries will continue to self-discharge, even during periods where they are not used or are being stored away. If you don’t disconnect your battery’s wires, you may find yourself with a golf cart battery that won’t start in the spring. Set the key switch to “OFF”.

What do you do with golf cart batteries in the winter?

Keep them in a cool area and stay away from areas that are near heat sources such as radiators or heaters, since hot temperatures accelerate battery self-discharge. In addition, al- ways avoid areas where freezing temperatures are expected during the storage pe- riod.

How do you store golf cart batteries in the winter?

Preparing Your Golf Car Battery for Storage

  1. Start by moving your car wherever it is going to be stored. …
  2. Leave the forward/reverse switch in the neutral position.
  3. Depending on your golf car, it will have either a tow/run or a maintenance/run switch. …
  4. Fully charge the battery and water it with distilled water.
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Can you leave golf cart batteries outside in winter?

The best place to store any golf-cart batteries is by looking for a cool and dry area. It shouldn’t be cold, such as an exposed area to the elements, but cool. Cool temperatures will slow the battery’s discharge rate. You want a slow discharge so that the battery maintains its charge.

Is it OK to leave golf cart outside?

Golf carts can be stored outside for shorter and even longer periods. But one thing comes under consideration while keeping them outside and without any protection, i.e., they can quickly wear out. Golf carts left outside for weeks can cause severe exterior and surface damage and even sometimes become immovable.