What are the long irons in golf?

What are long and short irons?

Long Irons Vs Short Irons

The most significant difference between these two clubs is the length and the loft. The long irons are, in fact, longer than the short irons. When you start with a club like a pitching wedge in your hand, and you move up to the nine iron, there is an increase in the loft of the club.

What are long irons good for?

Typically, golfers with a lower clubhead speed or a player who struggles with launching the ball high, or even players who don’t get consistent face contact will find greater forgiveness in a hybrid club. Golfers looking for greater workability and a penetrating trajectory may find a long iron helpful in their set up.

Why is hitting long irons so difficult?

It becomes much more difficult to square the clubface up at impact. As for ball position, the No. 1 reason why amateurs struggle so much with their long irons–besides not practicing with them–is that they over-exaggerate how far forward they’re supposed to play the ball in their stance.

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What are long golf clubs called?

The woods are the clubs with the largest heads (typically hollow, extending a few inches from side-to-side and a few inches from front to back, with rounded lines) and with the longest shafts. Golfers can swing them the fastest, and they are used for the longest shots, including strokes played from the teeing ground.

Why do I slice my long irons?

Again, most slices are caused by an over the top motion on the downswing. When adjusting your setup, make sure to check your grip as well. Most players have a grip that is too weak with thumbs down the handle. Make it stronger by turning your hand to the right when you grip the club.

Should high handicappers use long irons?

High Handicapper

Golfers that have high handicappers should not put long irons in their golf bag, and they should rely on their fairway woods at times off the tee. Many golf professionals believe that a high handicapper should not put a driver in their golf bag.

What is the best long iron?

8 Top Distance Irons and Long-Iron Replacements

  • SRIXON Z 765. $1,100, steel. …
  • CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA OS. $1,100, steel; $1,300, graphite. …
  • CALLAWAY STEELHEAD XR. $800, steel; $1,000, graphite. …
  • MIZUNO JPX-900 TOUR. $1,200, steel or graphite. …
  • SRIXON Z U65. $200. …
  • TAYLORMADE M2 TOUR. $900, steel.

Is 4 iron a driving iron?

In most cases, if you carry a driving iron, you will have a driver, 3-wood, and then 3 or 4 iron. In a perfect world, your driving iron would go further than your 3-iron and shorter than your 3-wood.

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What is the hardest club to hit in golf?

In our fittings, the driver is usually the most difficult club to fit, mostly because it is the longest and lightest club in the bag. If you don’t get the shaft weight, length, flex and swing weight right, shots will be inconsistent at best. This goes for both driver and fairway woods.

What is the easiest golf club to hit?

On average the easiest golf club to hit is the 7-iron. 6-irons and 8-irons come close because these mid-iron clubs deliver high launch angles for all standards and their appearance gives confidence when players look down at them.

Should you swing harder with long irons?

The tendency with longer irons is to put more effort into the shot than you would if you were swinging a pitching wedge. But if you swing these clubs just like your short irons, your timing will be a lot better. You’ll also have a better chance of making centerface contact, which matters most when swinging these clubs.

What are xl clubs?

Golf Clubs

With respect to drivers, XL again stands for “extra long,” and again refers to the distance the driver is supposed to achieve, rather than the club’s length — although the term may have a double meaning for a 48-inch driver, which is the longest allowed under the Rules of Golf.

What length irons should I use?

1. Measure Your Overall Height (i.e. “static” fitting)

5’7″ to 6’1″ standard length in inches
6’1″ to 6’2″ plus 1/4″
6’2″ to 6’4″ plus 1/2″
6’4″ to 6’6″ plus 1″
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Do you need longer golf clubs if you are tall?

Because golf is a game of repetition and your swing should not vary in most circumstances, your stance will be the same. It doesn’t matter how tall you are if you have a deeper crouch in your swing because your wrists will then be closer to the ground, which means you need slightly shorter clubs.