What causes high ball flight in golf?

What causes high trajectory golf shots?

When you need to hit the ball higher it’s nearly the exact opposite as hitting the ball low. Swinging fast will increase the spin and increase the trajectory. When you swing down on the ball the more it will go up. Make your swing steeper to make the ball go up faster.

How do you stop ballooning irons?

Here’s the correct setup to eliminate ballooning and hit longer drives:

  1. Tee the ball high, with at least half the ball appearing above the top edge of the clubface.
  2. Play the ball opposite your left heel (right heel for left-handed golfers).
  3. Hover the club behind the ball, holding the clubhead slightly off the ground.

What determines golf ball flight?

If your clubface is pointing left of the target, the ball will initially fly to the left of the target. If your clubface is facing to the right of the target at impact, your ball will start to the right. The path of the club in relation to the clubface will determine the spin.

What is a penetrating ball flight?

But first, what is a penetrating ball flight? When a tour pro strikes the ball, they are doing so with a descending blow. This negative angle of attack allows the golfer to compress the ball solidly on the face.

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