What is a good arm speed for disc golf?

How can I improve my arm speed for disc golf?

The best way that I’ve found to surprisingly increase arm speed is by using something as simple as a golf towel. By taking the towel in your throwing hand, reaching your arm back as you were going to throw a drive and bringing the towel through with the arm swing with quick acceleration.

What speed should I throw disc golf?

Midrange driver: 4-5 speed. Fairway driver: 6-8 speed. Control driver: 9-11 speed.

How do I know my arm speed disc golf?

So take that disc to a field and give it a rip. Watch the flight path of the disc, and see if you’re making it do what it’s supposed to. When you find that discs are consistently doing what the numbers say they will, you’ve found your arm speed.

Do higher speed discs go further?

You shouldn’t take this to mean that because a disc is a higher speed, it will automatically fly farther. Most players need lots of practice and training to throw a high speed disc correctly. In fact, many beginners will find that slower speed discs fly farther for them than higher speed discs.

How far do disc golf pros throw?

So, how far do pro disc golfers throw? Most pros can drive accurately between 350 ft – 450 ft with the top pros able to drive more than 500 ft.

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What is the longest disc golf throw?

Lizotte set the world record for longest throw of a disc golf disc on October 27, 2014 at 863.5 ft (263.2 m). This beat David Wiggins Jr.’s previous record of 836 ft set in 2012.

Are lighter discs more Understable?

Discs usually become more understable with wear. Weight of disc – The lighter the disc, the easier it is to throw at a high speed per its weight. Because speed is faster compared to weight, lighter discs usually fly less stable.

What is a high-speed disc?

The High-Speed Disc delivers the best residue management and seedbed preparation in fewer passes. The newest tillage machine in the Brandt lineup delivers the most efficient residue management and seedbed preparation experience possible, even in challenging conditions.

What is a putter in disc golf?

In essence, putters are discs that travel short distances, but with deadly accuracy. You should use a putter when you’re nearer to the basket and want to sink the disk into the basket for completion. Given that disc golf has become more popular than ever, there are a lot of different manufacturers out there.