What is a Mando in disc golf?

What is Mando in disk golf?

A Mando is an obstacle placed on the course that dictates where a player must play the hole. For example, if you see a “Mando” sign that has an arrow point in a certain direction, you must throw your disc or frisbee to the left or right of that sign.

What is a triple mando disc golf?

It’s a short hole (174′) and the tee is slightly elevated so a no-mando drive would be like practicing lay ups in a field. The Triple mando makes you keep the disc low, flat, and with decent distance… little bit harder but not a hard hole at all even with the mandos. 8.

What if I miss a Mando in disc golf?

If a player misses a mando multiple times or misses multiple mandos on the same hole, each and every miss incurs an additional one-throw penalty. The mandos disc golfers encounter most often make them go to the left or right of an obstacle.

How does a Mando work?

A Mando, or Mandatory, is a directional obstacle in disc golf that indicates how a player must play a hole. This marker can indicate that discs must go past, around, within, over or under the mandatory marking and can result in a penalty if a player fails to comply.

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What is a Mando?

(I) send, direct, lead.

What is a double Mando?

The single mando forces players to throw either left or right of an object. The next type of mando is the double mando. This mando basically uses two objects to establish a route instead of one. For instance, you may have to throw to the left of one tree while also keeping to the right of another tree.

What is a Mando left?

A mandatory, or mando, is one or more designated trees or poles in the fairway that must be passed to the correct side as indicated by an arrow. If the disc passes to the wrong side of mandatory, either play from the previous lie or from a marked drop zone area if applicable and add a one throw penalty.

Can you mark your lie with another disc?

You can either play from behind your disc or behind a mini. You may not use another disc to mark your lie. It has to be a mini. Also, no flipping your disc.

What is the two meter rule in disc golf?

Disc golf’s two-meter rule is an optional regulation that makes it so a player whose disc comes to rest two meters (about 6 feet 7 inches) or more above the playing surface is penalized one stroke. The player can continue play from directly underneath their disc on the playing surface.

Where do mini markers go in disc golf?

Place your mini marker directly under/above the front edge of the disc in the direction of the basket. If the area 30cm behind the disc, lets say the trunk of the tree or a hole in the ground. You should take your stance in the first available spot behind the lie even if it exceeds 30cm.

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