Which country golfs the most?

In which countries is golf popular?

Still, the sport is geographically concentrated, with 78% of world supply of courses located in the top ten golfing countries: the United States, Japan, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, France, Republic of Korea, Sweden and Scotland.

What demographic golfs the most?

The numbers

Around 77 percent are male, leaving female golfers to make up only a little more than 22 percent. A little over 3 million of these people are junior golfers. 3 million of these people are new golfers, playing on a golf course for the first time (a record-breaking number of new players)

Where is golf most popular in the US?

America’s Most Golf-Rich States

  • Florida – 1,055.
  • California – 928.
  • New York – 832.
  • Michigan – 825.
  • Texas – 808.
  • Ohio – 757.
  • Pennsylvania – 690.
  • Illinois – 669.

Why is golf not popular?

The golden age of golf appears to have come and gone and the demographics population in general is getting older. The decline in golf is surely in part due to those who love the game getting too old to play it and dying off, leaving the numbers of golfers continuing to dwindle.

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How many golfers can break 80?

Only about 2 percent of all golfers ever break 80, which generally is considered the Holy Grail of scoring.

Which golf Company makes the most money?

Acushnet, one of the leading manufacturers of golf equipment in the world, had global sales amounting to around 2.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

What percent of golfers are black?

Golf Professional Statistics By Race

Golf Professional Race Percentages
White 67.0%
Hispanic or Latino 14.0%
Black or African American 9.5%
Asian 6.0%

How many black golfers are there?

Still, there are just four current players on the PGA Tour who are Black — two, Harold Varner III and Cameron Champ, who will play in the Rocket Mortgage Classic — and fewer than 1% of PGA of America club pros are Black.

How many golfers are in Canada?

There are an estimated 2,400 golf courses across the country, while Statistics Canada pegs the number of golfers in Canada at about 1.5 million. That’s one course for every 625 players, or 14,500 Canadians—among the highest number per capita in the world.

How many pro golfers are white?

Among professional golfers, 75 percent are male and 86 percent are white. And golf-industry workers–every one from caddies to greenskeepers– are 90 percent male and 88 percent white.

Where is the golf capital of the world?

Naples, Florida is the Golf Capital of the World.

Which country has the best golfers?

Scotland. Topping our list of the best countries to play golf is Scotland. Which comes as no surprise as it also tops the list of the most exclusive golf courses in the UK. Often described as the home of golf and looked up to as an iconic location to play the sport, Scotland tops the list with locations such as St.

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What state has the most golf?

Golf courses per square mile

Rank State Square miles
1 R.I. 1,545
2 Mass. 10,555
3 N.J. 8,722
4 Conn. 5,544