Your question: How do I get better at Disc Golf Valley?

How can I improve my disc golf game?

10 Tips for Taking Your Disc Golf Game to the Next Level

  1. Practice daily … but do so with a goal in mind. …
  2. Watch YouTube videos, then take those lessons to the course. …
  3. Seek out new courses. …
  4. Seek out and befriend players who are better than you. …
  5. Become familiar with a variety of pro-level disc golf equipment.

How do you get a bigger bag in disc golf Valley?

There are two Expanded Bag slots available for purchase in the Pro Shop that will enable you to carry 8 discs in your Main Bag. Note: There is only one Main Bag slot available for purchase with coins. The second slot is available for purchase in the “Cash Shop” area of the store.

What discs do you get in challenge the Valley?

This bag gives you all the tools you need to win 90% of multiplayer games.

Sample 6 Disc Bag

  • Windbreak+Accurate Fuse (using as both a mid and a putter)
  • Accurate+Extra Glide River.
  • Accurate+Extra Glide Explorer.
  • Accurate+Extra Glide Pioneer.
  • Extra Glide Havoc.
  • Base Ballista Pro.

How do you throw a roller on a disc golf Valley?

To throw a roller, aim low towards the ground, then pull the disc back to a sharp angle. For right-handed players, a backhand roller is pulled down and left, and a forehand roller is pulled down and right.

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